6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Tough Times

Nobody has ever lived a stress-free life, irrespective of their lifestyle. You might wonder why you find yourself stuck in traumatic situations when all you want is just for everything to come to an end, you begin to find a “stop” button to life. Then I came up with this article to help you to question yourself during those trial periods.

1. Is this my very best?

The hardest question you should ask yourself falls on your own actions and it is the hardest question you need to ask yourself. You need to checkmate things you’ve done to solve those problems if at all you’ve given in your best. If you have done all that you could. Life is easy if you make it look that way to yourself and can be so impossible if that’s what you believe in. Everything starts and ends with you. Nothing will be able to influence you without you. Things might go wrong in your relationship but you do not even realize that you are the cause of the problem. You only look for someone to be blamed not knowing that it’s all your fault. You need to learn to accept your mistakes so that you can grow bigger and stronger than before. You will never grow if you don’t learn to accept your wrongs.  

2. What Do You Think You Love The Most About Them?

In times of trouble, you need to direct all your energy towards the good side and avoid negativity. Your relationship will go through so many issues, or possibly more ups than downs because you are not in a relationship with yourself, and you are in a relationship with someone with their own personality, their weak points, and strengths. You have to ask yourself, what is the one thing that keeps you staying with them? What’s that one thing that makes you smile about them? Think it over, smile and go back to discover why you are so much in love with them.  

3. Are You Afraid of Being Forlorn?

At times, the greatest enemy that we battle is ourselves. If you find yourself in a good shape relationship and you still can’t feel it, you probably need to start questioning yourself. Is it that you miss their physical presence? or you still have little of your past in your present? Don’t be swift to put the blame on your partner, think about it first.  

4. The Greatest Fear About Your Relationship?

As I said, we’re often our greatest enemies. At times, we let our fears take over our lives. It’s normal to be scared or afraid of something but it’s not okay if you don’t do anything about it. Ask yourself, what’re you really afraid of the most in your relationship? Is it that you are afraid of losing someone you love? Is it that you are afraid of being cheated on? Is it that you are afraid of being forlorn? Or is it the society? The fear of failure? You should know them and find a way to deal with them.  

5. Do You Absolutely Love Yourself?

You need to love yourself before others can show you, love. You need to question yourself and find out if you truly love yourself. Do you appreciate yourself at all? Are you contented with the person you seriously working hard to become? It’s not possible to love and care for anyone if you can’t even do these things to yourself first. You are precious, awesome, you need to keep pushing and moving. Don’t even try to let go of yourself.  

6. Can I Do Without Him/Her?

If everything else failed and you still finding your relationship going down the waste, then you need to question yourself if you can actually live without them. It’s one of the hardest in the world to move on. The memories you have created can not be annulled, they can not be removed from your head, does it worth the amount of pain that you are going through? Think of all the nice times, think of when you wept in their presence and they comforted you. Think about when they are trying all they could to make you laugh. Think about all the memories that you both have had together and you don’t want to have those memories with anyone else again. Do something and make it work out. That is all for now. I keep writing to you guys because you keep reading. I want to make everything work for your relationship. I am so happy when you are happy as well. Tell me more, use the comment box below.

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