(6 Processes) How To Get Over Any Relationship

If you check over the internet, I believe there are millions of articles pointing to this topic “How to successfully get over any relationship” but I want to be frank with you that very few of those posts or articles really helped those who fell into such pit (sorry to say). Most of them ended up making you feel worse with their bulky procedures (articles written to be on the front page of Google and not to be in the heart of the people) and even making it looks impossible to achieve, you now ended up making suicide an option to escape from this temporary normal pain after a break up. Relationship Minds usually call “break up” a nice experience for anyone to become vigilant, smarter, wiser and even a time to concentrate on one’s life. But I must say “Heart breaks” are very deadly friendly. Don’t mind my terms, I don’t want to make a fun of you, but I’m happy for you because God has saved you from someone who is going to hurt you eventually. Someone who is going to treat you like a Douche bag. I am also happy because you are opened up to new opportunities that you would never have considered if you were with that ex. Also, I know that you are trying everything to get over your ex and it’s not pretty easy on you. Those thoughts and memories keep on haunting you down. Anyway, this article has been designed to help you get over any relationship.

Warnings: strictly adhere to every single instructions as they are tested and trusted by our experts “Relationship Minds”.Another thing is for you to read this article, another thing is for you to believe in yourself. But as for me “Relationship Minds” I so much believe that you can do it, but my belief in you alone is not enough without yours complementing mine. So, here are the step-by-step procedures to get over any relationship.

1. Avoid any other break-up healing articles.

The first thing I will want you to do is to stop navigating for more articles on break up recovery. The more things you get into your head, the more confused you’d become. You need to focus on yourself. Many articles won’t tell you that taking care of yourself is now your only priority on the task board. Break up itself is a confusion state of the emotion, so don’t bombard your head because you want to quickly recover in 2 or 3 days time. Only magic would be able to brainwash you to recover in 2 or 3 days time. It doesn’t work that way, break up requires a steady-like form of recovery. You don’t jump into recovering from someone you’ve been dating for the past months or years in 2 or 3 days time. Any website or book telling you that it is possible is only driving your attention into reading their articles and posts. Believe me, I won’t tell you a lie to making you read articles here. I am only contributing my part to humanity.

2. Overcoming depression

Depression is one of the deadly state of mental mind. It doesn’t offer anything good to the our body than destruction. But I’m not here to tell you all those bookish or literary definitions. Depression will surface after a break up, it’s almost impossible to avoid if you are truly in love with your ex. But don’t be afraid, overcoming depression is not that difficult. The only best way to overcome depression is talking to someone, it can be anybody very close to you, your dad or mum or a friend that you can confide in. Overcoming depression might be difficult if you are keeping everything to yourself. Walk up to any confidant that you have, someone who you tell virtually everything about yourself. Talk to him/her, cry on their shoulders and move on. I don’t know how strong your mental power is, and that’s why I’m recommending that you talk to someone. It’s very healthy and good for you after a break up. If you are talking to one of your parents, then I recommend you to follow strictly their advices and instructions. You can also talk to Me through our Facebook Page. I will help you.

3. Burn it All, Including Your Feelings

Whenever you don’t need something again, you burn it or give it out. Waste products are always disposed into the waste bag to avoid rubbish hanging around and they can inconvenient us. This is also applied to any relationship we no longer need. I recommend that you throw away whatever that belongs to your ex into the waste bag or burn them, because you won’t be needing them anymore. Don’t hold onto memories that will keep making you cry. Gather all their hard copy pictures and burn them, delete the soft copy ones and once. Any material related to your ex is now allergic to you. Because the more you hold onto those moments and memories, the harder it becomes to forget and heal up. This step is mandatory, do not omit this step.

4. Avoid Being Alone

You need to avoid isolation. Hangout more with family and friends during this trial period. Your mind will naturally think of your ex when you are all alone because they were once a very important or integral part of your life. It can be very difficult to avoid these memories when you were so addicted to your ex but it is doable. Don’t let the past hold you down. I will recommend that you learn something during these periods of trials, something that will keep you busy just to avoid being alone or idle.

5. Don’t Rush Yourself Or The Process

Everything under the universe obeys the law of process and harvest. You cannot plant an orange seed today and harvest it tomorrow or next. Don’t rush the process, you will definitely heal up but it requires time and patience. Believe in yourself, see yourself like a god that is like an immovable rock. Concentrate more on yourself; things you want to impact in people, things you want to learn instead of wailing over the past that wasn’t good for you in the first place.

6. Open Up

Don’t just close up every opportunities to making new friends because of your past. Remember! Everyone is not the same, that someone deserted you or hurt you doesn’t paint everyone a deserter or hurter. There are always billions of good people out there that won’t hurt you. You can’t pin yourself down because of someone that is meant to be lesson to you. Learn to see life beyond your mere emotions. I believe in you, there’s nothing you cannot do. Be well, Hale and Hearty.

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