5 Mistakes You Should Always Avoid In A Long-term Relationship

Relationships can be tough which will make me say that they are not created to be easy and smooth rides for anyone. That two people love each other do not practically or automatically mean they are meant to spend the rest of their lives together. It is really not that easy. Love can be simple but most times it isn’t. If relationships were that simple, then there would definitely be no divorces or break ups. And yet, the divorce and break up rate persist.
But why do we have breakup? Where is the problem coming from precisely? What are they doing the wrong way? And why is it that love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship?
Most times precisely, relationships go apart because of some unrealized mistakes or not so good habits in the relationship. And when that is the case, the relationship ends up so badly and I must say that it’s not necessary.
Its not bad trying to achieve that long lasting relationship that you desire. But it all begin with doing the right thing and not repeating past mistakes over and over again.

1. You are always taking it personal whenever you both have an argument.
Arguments are always bound to happen in a relationship and that’s very normal. I will put it to your face that if you both don’t have arguments, a whole lot of things are wrong with your relationship. So, don’t be bothered by it. All I’m saying in essence is that you should not take it personally under any circumstances. Always keep it cool and be well behave.
2. You are always giving your anger the very best side of you.
Don’t let anger control you or get the best side of you. Just like the previous point on the list. Make sure you calm yourself down even when you are so upset with your partner before confronting them about it. You have to be calm so that you won’t destroy anything and later regret it.
3. The mutual trust is broken by you.
Trust is the pillar of any relationship and you can quote me anywhere. You don’t expect any love between two persons who do not trust one another. Without trust, love will not survive for so long before it dies down into the air. If you don’t trust someone in a relationship, then you don’t even trust them with your “heart”. As simple as ABC.
4. You don’t disclose your inner feelings.
You are going to manage a lot of unwanted feelings in a relationship. When that is the case, instead of telling it to your better half, you instead keep it to yourself because you don’t want to show any form of displeasure in the relationship.
That is wrong. The one way that you both would be able to solve the issues in the relationship is if you attack them right along. Keeping your feelings to yourself is directly proportional to keeping your partner in the dark.
5. You’ve stopped trying to get closer to your partner.
Many folks out there would think that when honeymoon is over, then that is it… that’s just the limit to the closeness,but that is really wrong. The healthiest relationship works with consistently and persistently working on getting closer to each other.
Love is something that is built with time, so much patience and trials. You cannot in reality achieve that in no time. You have to continually working on it for a lifetime, day in day out. And to make it last, you have to keep working and that goes for every couple who wants to last forever.
Well, there are a lot of things that will make a relationship work. Anyone who takes a relationship so slightly might be completely naive of the amount of efforts that it takes to make it all work or maybe you are just playing around and not really ready to try a long-term thing. There are plenty of things that go into trying to make a relationship work. That is why staying in a relationship requires of you to put in so much of effort to make it all work in terms of love strengthening and building a strong connection. At times, it’s not really about doing the right thing but also about avoiding a lot of mistakes that might do apart the both of you.

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