6 Funny Reasons Why Girls Like Bad Boys

It’s no more news that girls like bad boys. The way that they feel when girls are with bad boys is real. It doesn’t make any sense but that’s the truth. Let’s come down from originality of not faking anything, to romantic expression, bad boys have these characteristics. They will never fake anything. I mean, this is one reason why you knew he was a bad boy but you still love him all the same. Because he will never tell lie or hide the fact that he is bad. He is so proud of who he is and okay with it. It doesn’t matter if you want him for who he is or not. He is okay with whatever decision you make.

Listen, love will happen when you obey its principles. Virtually all the principles of love, I mean, those characteristics that make a girl fall in love are in alignment with that of a bad boy or playboy. It doesn’t matter how he treats you, you just find yourself loving him all the same.

Now, let me tell you why girls like bad boys.

6 Funny Reasons Why Girls Like Bad Boys

1. They Fake Nothing

They don’t care if you like who they are not, they are just real and sincere with you and themselves. A bad boy will not hide the fact that he doesn’t like something or the fact that he likes something. When he feels bad he makes it know and make it obvious. If you know what ladies like and you are very observant, you will know that they are so fond of people who are real and sincere with them. Point checked?

2. Confidence

When it comes to confidence, bad boys don’t play the black sheep. They are the set of guys who are so confident. One of the tangible characteristics of a bad boy is that he is super confident of himself in whatever he does. And because of their confidence, we will believe them everything they say and smile like idiots when they are close.

But you should keep in mind that there are some confident, good boys out there and you just need to give them opportunity to speak. I bet you won’t regret it

3. Indifference

Whatever you say about them, they don’t care. They insist upon themselves which is originality. This is one of the tricks to get the girl of your dream, that you want to marry. The more you act indifferent, the more she likes you. Some boys really know how to play games and some girls fall for them without thinking. Yeah! most girls won’t just think because it is natural that they are bond with funny communication.

4. Excitement

Though being a bad boy is not a good name you should be called but most things work with this pattern of living. You are able to be loved for who you are without being afraid of the future. One thing that you will get from dating a guy who knows how to play his game is excitement. He appreciates you for who you are. But looking at another side of a bad boy who beats his partner is another nightmare that you wouldn’t want to dream of at all.

5. Adventure

We all like adventures but when you do something fun and new with a good looking guy, things become way hotter. Adventure is one of the might of being with a bad boy. He plays the game of love and mind with you all the time. He is the type that loves going out and having fun as well. But when the effect of this point comes out to play, you won’t be able to bear the pain. When he finds someone who can play the game better than you do, you are a goner from his life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t meet a bad boy who changes for you. It might be difficult to change a man, but it happens.

6. Mysterious

There is an old saying,

A woman without secrets is like a sky without stars!


And this works for guys, too.

Girls will be more attracted to a guy who is mysterious and has that ‘something’ only special people have.

Only when a guy shows that he is interesting girls will want to dig deeper and explore him. But he won’t make things easy and you will have to do all the work. That makes bad boys feel better in their own skin.

Additional Facts

7. Masculine

Most bad guys do things that the good ones would never do. They live on the edge, they have their own rules and they never say they are sorry. They are so rebellious but in all that mess they look so appealing and sexy. Who wouldn’t want them?

SIMPLE ADVICE: The world that will live has two sides which are good or bad. What works or is the best for A is a no go area or death sentence for B.

So be careful and deal with what works for you.

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