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5 Ways You Can Limit Yourself

1. Low Expectations

You get what you expect. What do you expect for yourself?
What do you think you deserve? Circumstances and people go through the doors of your expectations, so be careful what you expect.

2. Glass Ceilings

This is another form of low expectations. Why do you think that you can only go so far, be so good, and achieve so much? You are the only person standing in your way. Only you know where you have built your glass ceilings, but if you keep pointing them out to other people (by expressing your lack of self-confidence), everyone will soon know where they are.

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3. Belief In Scarcity

Wealth is abundant, nature is fertile and love is everywhere. We are all connected in the deepest way; we are all here to cooperate with each other. The belief in scarce resources arises from fear and creates the need to compete with each other. Improved and limited thoughts create a poor and miserable life. Accept abundance, love, and trust.

4. Unhealthy Boundaries

Your limits determine how you see yourself. If you do not know who you are, how will you ever know where you end, and where another person begins? Good, productive relationships depend on knowing where you stand and where you are pushing your limits. You cannot have a good relationship until you know yourself, so you may need to clarify your boundaries.

5. Reluctance To Change

Whenever we feel threatened, we naturally try to protect ourselves, and so we often resist any change that exposes us to something new. But don’t push it too far. Ask yourself: Is this change good for me? Why am I anxious? Are my fears realistic or unrealistic? Sometimes opportunity knocks and we have to take the plunge or miss the boat.

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