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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Relationship

Relationship is a very beautiful thing when everything is going smoothly and fine. When the two persons are busy planning to make it all work. You are getting exactly what you deserve and want out of a relationship.

However, so many relationships go out of love with time due to many unforeseen circumstances. At times, what one of the partners wanted in the relationship changed and I do not blame him or her for that. When dreams and goals set in, things get affected either negatively or positively. That’s why you need to be very careful when considering going into a relationship. You do not want to consider what would eventually change. You will need to stick to something that can not easily change about him or her.

Change is surely inevitable in us, but some things cannot change because they are our uniqueness and personality. To enjoy your relationship to the fullest you will need to consider the following meticulously.

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Relationship

1. Never Tell Lies

Telling lies will break you first, break your partner, then break the relationship. How do I mean by breaking you first? When you tell lies to someone you are telling yourself that you are not worthy and you cannot trust yourself. Then, you start telling your partner that he or she had made a terrible mistake by coming into your life. You will break the relationship in the sense that when you lie and get caught, it destroys the trust he or she has in you. When there’s no trust in a relationship, there’s no need for continuity.

Immediately, your partner finds out that you are a terrible liar, you’ll never be trusted anymore no matter what. That’s why the first on the list is “Never tell lies”. The first thing you can do t destroy your relationship is by telling lies to your partner. It’s like a flash, it burns down the relationship.

Now, what happens when your partner knows that you will never tell lies to them? They will trust you with their lives and know that they are very safe with you. They’ll know that you are a very serious person. Some researches also have it that people who tell lies are their partners are unhappy sets of people. It costs you $0.00 to be a truthful partner who will never bend.

2. Create Time For Your Partner

A lot of relationships have crumbled because of one of the partners. He or she gets so busy with other things neglecting their duties in their various relationships. Before you could have a fulfilling relationship, you’ll need to create enough time for your partner. Spend more time with them. Show them that they are first on your scheduled lists. Let them know that you value them with your time and never be late when you fix a date with them. Cancel unimportant appointments to be with your partner. Doing all these things for your partner will make them love you more and they will want to work for the relationship more. Buff! Everyone is happy.

3. Buy Gift

Listen, no matter who you are or what you, It some point in your life you will want to be appreciated. Gifting to your partner means two things; i. You are saying, “Baby, you are always on my mind ii. I value and appreciate you.

You just have to select what you know they will like best. You don’t have to spend so much to buy it, but if you can afford more go for it. I’m sure you are doing the best to make them happy.

4. Talking Time

This is one is very important and essential. Create a time to ask your partner what you’ve been doing that they don’t like or what you’ve done in the past that hurt them. At the end of the conversation, you will get to learn so much about your partner. You will get to know more about what he or she likes and dislikes. Communication remains an integral part of any relationship.

5. Don’t Change it

What you did to entice your partner, don’t stop doing it. A lot of people have ruined their beautiful relationship as a result of this point. Something actually created a kind of attraction point for both of you. You saw something in him, he saw something about you and liked it. You cannot stop doing those things because you’ve got what you wanted. Never! Because if you do, he or she stops seeing you for what you said you were.

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