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5 Things You Shouldn’t Text A Guy Over Phone

SMS is fun, isn’t it? It really isn’t that if you have a habit of saying one of these things.

It is shut down when you have a meaningful conversation with someone who suddenly becomes strange. If you text someone, they’re not in front of you. They only know the sound they are trying to write if they use emojis a lot. SMS is fun, but it’s not if you have a habit of saying one of these things. I have made a list of the most annoying texts I can think of. Unfortunately, I was at the receiving end of a number of these.

Here are some common things that you should never write to a man.

1. It’s Over (The Horrid Text Breakup)

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So you decided to end it with your friend. Please be human enough to do it in person or even by phone. You should never, and I NEVER mean, resolve a text message in just a few words. This type of news is sensitive and can turn someone’s head. This kind of thing needs to be handled with care. It can also make you afraid to face them and do it on your face. In some cases, if it’s not possible to call or see him, at least don’t use the two words, it’s over.

2. Why don’t you answer?

Understand the fact that your friend is sometimes a little too busy with work and study and that as a good friend you don’t have to be devoted and supportive. Pending messages like, “Oh, are you ignoring me now?” will only make him answer you emphatically because he doesn’t want to fight or make you angry and think of a thousand stories against him. Be supportive and patient. We all have personal space.

3. Drunken texts

Texting under the influence of text is never a good idea unless you can control yourself and most of us cannot. Do not write text under the influence that the things you say could cause a terrible downfall in your relationship because your friend sees your party page and how difficult it is for you to control it. In certain situations, drunken lyrics lead to funny conversations, but that only happens a few times. Most of the time you wake up and wonder why you said that and what you shouldn’t have.

4. Conversations from the past


It is one of the weakest steps in an argument to scan something your friend told you about months ago and put it on his face to use your case. Keep the evidence strictly in the present and do not try to get things from the past that he is unlikely to remember. It will lead to an endless fight in which you both work as hard as possible to hurt each other. We also love Mindy Kaling.

5. Is there anyone else?

Being unsure is natural, but not so vulnerable that you start scaring your friend. So he’s been busy for a few days, can’t talk as much as he does, doesn’t just accept things, and asks if he sees anyone else. If you have any uncertainties, it is always healthy to speak them out personally and solve the problems in front of him, rather than writing him an accusation that will lead to a fight.

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