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5 Things You Should Not Text Message A Guy

It is so interesting and fun-filled when you are texting, isn’t it? It might not be that cool when you are saying one of those listed things.

1. It is Over (The Horrible Text Breakup)

You want to break up with your boyfriend, the worst thing to do is sending him an “Ending Text Messages”, be so kind to do it in person please or do give him a phone call. If you really care about others you should never end up a relationship with a mere text message with just a few lines of words. You need to deal with this type of news in a sensitive way, you cannot just go over the phone to type a breakup text message. Don’t mess up with someone else’s head, please. Be kind enough to present it in his face. Even when it’s not easy to say face to face or on a phone call, don’t just end a relationship with the two words.

2. Why Are You Not Replying?

You need to know that your partner might be busy with some things at the moment might be his studies or even with his work, be that nice girlfriend who understands the situation and doesn’t act clingy. This type of message will only force him to reply to you out of the will or his tight schedules because he doesn’t want to have a fight with you. Learn to give him space and be supportive.

3. Drunk Texts

Sending your boyfriend text messages under the influence of alcohol is very bad whatsoever, even when you couldn’t control it doesn’t make it right. Whatever you alter in a text message can waterloo your relationship with him forever and it tends to show more if your weaknesses and vulnerabilities to your boyfriend. Most of the time, you wake up and blame yourself for what you’ve said.

4. Sending Screenshots From The Past Conversations

It is a very bad thing to leverage your boyfriend’s past mistakes. It’s one of the worst moves in any argument. It is giving him a certain point that you don’t know how to forgive and to yourself, you are standing a chance to lose him free to another girl who can forgive and forget. Even when it’s very hard to forget, never make your foundation on past events to get him down. Keep the conversation based on the present. Digging in will only dig the grave of your relationship. Relationships are meant to be built on true love and not stoning hearts that do not learn to let go of the past. If you do that, you both will keep fighting till everything is destroyed to your face, because you both will be trying so hard to find faults of each other.

5. Are You Seeing Someone Else?

Insecurity is natural, but don’t be so uncertain to the extent of scaring off your boyfriend. Learn to ask and not assume; if he isn’t chanced to talk to you for fees days, don’t conclude that he is going out with someone else. Learn to be patient and calm. If you have trust issues, it is better to talk to your partner about it and get a lasting solution together with him instead of going over to the keyboard to spit accusations that will lead to a fight.

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