5 Things Liars Always Say To Convince You That They Are Saying The Truth

Lying! One of the worst attributes in any relationship. Yes, it is not new that we all tell lie some point in time. So in essence, we all tell lies. But there are some people that are just obsessed with lie, those who lie in every opportunity they find themselves. They lie without taking into consideration the feelings of anyone. They lie in a way that get anyone misled for no reason. “There was a survey that was carried out by the Department of Communication at Michigan State University. The results of the survey evaluated that around 40% of all people are most likely to tell a lie at least once a day. Also, nearly 50% of all lies are told by only around 5% of all people. This 5% of people are the ones who are known to be pathological Liars, they tell lies for no good reason.(www.msu.edu, 2010)” I must say, this is a deadly piece of knowledge. You want to always see the good sides of others. You want to always hope that we are all loving. But the truth cannot be denied that there are some people out there that are ready to take advantage of the gullible ones.   There are some lie-smart out there that would successfully lie to you without you getting to know about it. You would never get to figure out their dishonesty.  And you will just think they are always telling you the truth. That’s why there is need for you to always protect yourself from any falsehood. You need to be guarded. You need to learn to deal with liars with your knowledge. The more you are enlightened about how liars will operate, the better you are able to deal with them. The purpose of this article is to make you know if someone is lying to you. If you pay attention, you will be able to successfully pick out the truth among lies. There are some constant pattern a lair cannot deviate from in his or her methods. And if you notice more of these signs, you already know what it means. So be very careful of those people who constantly say the following things :  

1. He, She, They, You… etcetera. 

A constant liar is not going to appreciate talking about himself or herself. They instead talk about other people. They just find it  interesting in other people, they don’t want to talk about themselves. It is a very common trick so that you won’t have to focus on their own lifestyle.  

2. Let me be frank with you…

It sounds so perfect to say and sounds so innocent at first, but if you go back to observe the phrase, those who tells the truth won’t be trying so hard to convince you that they are saying the truth.  They would let the truth do the rest instead of fighting for it. They won’t start a statement with “… to be honest”, it simply implies that they don’t tell the truth all the time.  

3. “I always or will never…” 

You have no doubt when someone talks with so much consistency. You don’t need to actually talk things to the extreme before people believe you. A person who struggles with people believing them uses those phrases (“I never..” or “I always…” or “I swear.. “) a lot. Because they know that they are not really trustworthy.  

4. “Don’t blame me”

A liar will never takes responsibility of their faults. They frequently look for someone else to blame. They would never admit to their guilt whatsoever.  

5. Excessive or low sharing.

There is always excessive detail added details or incomplete detailed information when it comes to lying; it is always excessive or super incomplete information whenever a liar is talking to you. At times, for you not to detect the truth, they give you incomplete information or give you added excessive information by them. They convince you that the information is accurate.

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