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5 Simple Explanation Of Languages Of Love

The ancient Greeks were not the only ones who studied love. A modern relationship therapist, Dr. Gary Chapman, identified five languages of love through his work with couples over a long period of time. His book The Five Love Languages offers much more detail.

In short, Chapman argues that each of us gives and receives love in different ways, but they all fall into five categories. And they are as follows:

1. Words of affirmation.

Some people want to hear “I love you” or other positive compliments from their partner. And if they don’t hear it, they may feel unloved.

2. Act of service

Doing nice things for other people is called the “act of service”. Whether it is changing someone’s oil, cleaning the house, or massaging their back, it is about doing things that make the other person happy.

3. Receiving gifts

Some people appreciate giving and receiving gifts, others do not. So if you measure your partner’s love by how many gifts you receive, your love language is called “receiving gifts”.

4. Quality time

Other people measure the quality of their love by how much time their partner wants to spend with them. If they do not get enough “time together”, they may feel unloved.

5. Physical touch

Finally, some people associate love with physical touch. Everything from holding hands to cuddling and even intimacy counts as “physical touch”.

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