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5 Signs Your Ex Still Has Not Forgotten You

All women would like to know if their ex is still in love.

Here are some signs to know whether he already forgot about you.

You might also like the idea that he still thinks of you but it could be that you’re ready to move on. You have to pay attention to the signals to make a decision. Somehow knowing that he is thinking about you is flattering even if you are no longer together. On the other hand, finding out he has already forgotten you and is dating someone else can be quite painful. Suddenly, you would like to go back with him and so you want to know if he still has feelings for you or maybe you got over it completely and simply gives you curiosity.

Anyway, men have a couple of fairly obvious signals that can help you find out if he keeps thinking about you one.

1. He contacts you without reason.

If he has not overcome you he will do everything possible to contact you either through messages calls or social networks. If he does not want you to know that he still feels something for you he might be a little careful with his actions and tried to use any excuse to hear from you so pay close attention to the reasons he gives you.

2. He started dating immediately.

Some guys tried to overcome a relationship dating someone else almost right away. It would seem that he already forgot about you but actually means that he feels alone and is trying to replace you. If despite being with someone, he keeps in touch with you. It is obvious that has not yet overcome you.

3. You find him all the time.

If from nowhere you find your ex in the most unexpected places, most likely is not an accident. He is trying to approach you by going to the places you frequent so it is probably he wants to try to be with you again.

4. Asks about you.

A clear sign that he has not yet overcome you is that he constantly asks your friends about you. The truth is that if he had already forgotten you, he would not be interested to know every detail of your life he would even avoid asking.

5. He makes you remember past things.

If he contacts you and all he does is to talk about the past, it is very likely that he has not yet overcome you.

If he just wanted to be your friend. he would avoid talking about his relationship and would strive to create a new link with you instead of being obsessed with a relationship that has ended.

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