5 Signs that He just wants to Doink And Dump You

Relationships can be so mysterious and very hard to deal with. While you are happy at your own end that you’ve finally found that very man who is ready to protect and love you with all he’s got and he is just happy because he finally wants to get laid with you. Seeing you so vulnerable and naive to the world of relationship. Many have lost their faith and interest in love because of their experiences. They fell in love with the wrong guy, they thought they have found love and not knowing that they are just an opportunity to the other person. He just want to doink you and trash you eventually. As a result of these things you don’t really want to try to love anymore because it’s a bit difficult to differentiate the wrong guys from the right one. The purpose of this article is to make you identify the signs to know if a man just wants to sleep with you and dump you:  

1. He always wants you to sleep over

It’s not advisable to sleepover in a man’s house but if this happens, it will be unworthy of him to jump over you in the middle of the night to doink you especially when the relationship is still young. If he portrays this character or trait, it might just simply means that he is after your body and doesn’t care after all.  

2. He doesn’t know much about you

When a man doesn’t really seem to be interested in details about the woman or lady he is dating, there is a problem; he doesn’t know your last name or anything about your family and doesn’t care. You should be very careful because he is just not really into you, he simply wants your body. And when he gets it, he will trash you eventually.  

3. He won’t let you know his family

It’s dangerously fearsome when he doesn’t make you know his family. It simply means that he doesn’t see you in his future. He just wants to sleep with you and dumb you because what he really wants is not you.  

4. He spends on you lavishly without hesitation

One of the tricks to doink any girl or lady successfully is to entice her with material things, it works on approximately 80% on any lady or girl. He knows that fact and he is ready to buy you anything to get laid with you, it doesn’t really matter the amount of money he spends on you because you would feel guilty when you say no to him after spending a lot of money on you. He is buying you with his money and it works easily. You need to be careful especially in a new relationship. More also, don’t forget that life is giving and taking (Quid Pro Quo). When so much is given more is expected.  

5. He keeps having a deep flirt with you.

He won’t stop turning you on with his words. He has a plan to sleep with you in the long run. He uses every opportunity he has with you to flirt because he doesn’t have anything else to offer you than sex. That was his initial plan from the start and he wants to hit his goal. Don’t fall a victim if all his advances are toward sex alone. Be very smart to identify and run before you get used up.

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