5 Signs Someone Is Thinking About Sleeping With You

It’s no longer news that people lust after one another. They see people and think about sleeping with them. They daydream about being in bed with him or her. A person can successfully hide for a while their intentions but cannot hide those actions forever. One or more out of these signs will manifest eventually and you’ll come to know the truth about this whole thing.

5 Signs Someone Is Thinking About Sleeping With You

1. They gravitate towards you

Do you notice him or her gravitating towards you? When someone gravitates towards you, it means that this person has been thinking about you.

2. They get playfully touchy

Yes, this person cannot hide the fact about what he or she wants from you. They subconsciously touch you. He or she gets playfully touchy. They find every opportunity to touch you when they are with you.

3. They always fix themselves around you

They just want to cancel all of their schedules just to be with you, it doesn’t matter how important those schedules are. They just want to get attached around you. They can be available from morning till night with you. It can only mean that they are thinking about you.

4. They subconsciously lick their lips around you.

Have you recently noticed someone licking his or her lick around you? If the answer is yes, it means they want to sleep with you. They are subconsciously doing that with them unknowingly because you’ve been in their thoughts lately.

5. Your instincts are telling you.

At times, the best thing to do is to listen to one’s instinct because they are virtually accurate all the time. What is your instinct telling you? If you listen, you might get to find out if someone very close has been thinking about sleeping with you.

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