5 Signs He Is A Player.

It is mandatory to know the kind of man you are dealing with in your relationship. You do not want to be hurt so badly at the end.

Falling into the wrong hands can be inevitable at times but it is not that so bad until you are disappointed. Some men are not that bad but because of their past, they are shattered and they have become something more terrible than a monster.

They do not care about how you feel at all. They are not even ready to marry you or end up with you, all they do is use and dump you eventually. You do not want to fall in love with that type of man at all.

The truth is that these sets of people are very smart and difficult to find out what they are really up to in your innocent life. But this article will make you find out as soon as possible. Are you ready?

5 Signs He Is A Player.

1. He Keeps Demanding For Sex

His demand for sex is very great, irrespective of your status he doesn’t care about how you feel. All he wants is to get himself satisfied without giving a damn to what or how you feel.

2. You Are Not A Priority To Him

You have no place in his plans, you are not even close. His schedule is always choked up with his personal plans only. You are simply not his priority at all. He is not around when you need him most. If you find out this sign, you have to flee before you fall in love and get hurt.

3. He Doesn’t Show That He Cares At All

He doesn’t care about you whatsoever. He shows you this attribute all the time. All that he cares about is what he wants to get from you. When it comes to your needs, he vanishes.

4. He Keeps Flirting Here And There

He is a big cheat. He flirts with most women around him. He doesn’t care if you are with or not with him, he just keeps flirting all the place. He makes you feel he is not satisfied with having you. He makes you feel like you are forcing yourself on him.

5. He Shows No Respect Towards You

He doesn’t respect you. Whatever you say doesn’t count at all. He feels bossy all the way. He just wants a yes from you when he wants something. Your opinion becomes irrelevant and there is nothing you can do about it.

6. He Doesn’t See You In The Future

When It comes to making plans for the future, he runs away. He doesn’t mention anything about marriage to you. This is only happening because he has no intention of keeping you forever. He just wants to use you and dump you.

When you find out these attributes in your man, you can try to fix him. Read How To Change A Player To A Lover. If he loves you, he will change and stay with you. He will make himself unworthy of you but at the end, change and take care of you. But if at all in the end he doesn’t change, move on. And you will find the perfect man for you at the end.

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