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5 Not So Good Reasons Women Prefer To Cheat Instead Of Breaking Up With Their Boyfriends

It is so dramatic and devastating whenever you get cheated on.  Being betrayed or reneged on its own is very hurtful. Especially when the person you trust so much is on the picture of the betrayal, it’s more painful.  Dating someone means that you are giving out your heart to someone. You believe that nothing can do you both apart… But then unfaithfulness comes in.  Some even end their life all because their partner cheated on them which I must say is so uncalled for, there are billions of people on the earth better than the person you killed yourself for… But the heart doesn’t understand when it’s in love. It can be so pressing and overwhelming when someone cheats on us. You are just alone facing the consequences of trusting someone so easily. You were forced to think about where things went wrong and how on earth you couldn’t avoid it. You were forced to brood over everything that had happened but you couldn’t figure it out.  How can you possibly trick yourself not to get overwhelmed by your emotions? It’s not that easy. But this article is going to help you to understand everything that happened in the relationship.  The easiest way to heal up after a break up is to understand the truth behind the sudden blackout. You need to come in alignment with the present situation; understand that this is actually happening to you. Braise up yourself to be stronger. You just want to know why she suddenly decided to hurt you in such a manner.  You might have seen someone being hurt or abandoned all because of infidelity before or in a movie, but you will never really get to think of it until it happens to you. Maybe your assumption is that everything is fine in a relationship. But when the girl you love cheats on you, everything is blown into the air. It is an indication that something is actually wrong with the relationship. But wouldn’t it be better for her to just break up with you? Instead of going ahead to cheat on you if she wasn’t happy in the relationship. She would at least be so free to do whatever she wants. Infidelity hurts so much and she’s aware of it, why going ahead to make me go through the pains that come with it? Anyway, here are some questions that will help you understand more:

1. She wants to be sure of her decision

She is probably thinking of ending the relationship but it might be weird of her to leave a 10 years old relationship for a guy she met 2 months ago. She just wants to be sure that there is a man who is going to receive her when she finally breaks up. She’s trying to prepare a man to receive her when she becomes available.  

2. She feels pity and guilty

She actually doesn’t want to end the relationship because she’s pitying the guy in the picture. Or she is guilty of some promises she has made to him. Most times, ladies won’t come up with the idea of break up with words that require confrontation that they might be scared off, then they decide to trigger an action that would eventually lead to their desired result.  

3. She’s scared of commitment.

She might just be scared of being committed. She might have started actively well in the relationship. Like, she was so caring and nice. But when it all gets serious, she gets tired and wants to freak out. And then, she decides to cheat by indulging in self-destruction.  

4. She takes revenge. 

There might be a time when a man would do something in a relationship and the woman will not know what to do that will equal the equation but left with an option to cheat as a form of revenge. She knows that it’s so difficult like 1% out of 100% for a man to accept being cheated on. The only way she could be at rest is to hurt him so badly.  

5. She doesn’t really love him

To stay loyal in a relationship, love is inevitable. You both need to be so much in love. If a woman is not really in love with a man can lead to infidelity. It’s so easy to cheat when you don’t really feel the love that you want. When you finally meet the person-ish type that you want, buff! You ended up cheating. It might be that she’s with this man because she was emotionally needy; she was just too desperate to wait for the right man. But when the right man comes, she chests and ends it all.

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