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4 Signs You Don’t Love Him, You Only Love His Ideas

As human beings, we all want to be appreciated and loved at any point in time. We want to be loved the way that we are. Because to feel loved means that you have found your perfect ground, you have definitely found that person you belong to. The feeling that we are an important part of someone else’s life in itself is a beautiful feeling on its own, and all of us want to experience it. We look for partners, someone who can connect with us easily. We want to love and be loved in turn like a reciprocal. We are so much carried away by relationships that we see on TV, the perfect one. However, most times we fall in love with someone we are not in a relationship With. The weird attraction and infatuation give you so many butterflies and you start thinking that you are in love with them. sometimes you only fall for someone you are not in a relationship with. Some situations make you feel as if you are totally into someone and you love yourself being attached to them, but in the real-life is the opposite of it. It’s better to replace someone’s rejection and have someone else’s acceptance. You do not want to feel forlorn and therefore, you will get anyone who’s ready to give you some kind of attention and confuse it with love. It is possible that the person you crush on or admire so much is not the person you love. There is a possibility that the person you are hitting on to spend the rest of your life with is not the person you love. We most times confuse our mind with the idea of loving someone and having true feelings for someone. Below are some flagged points we need to look for and decide for ourselves whether the person we want to be with forever is really who we want or we are just being untrue to ourselves.

1. The only time you miss him is when you are alone

He does not come to your mind the entire day. But, when you are all alone in the night and there’s no one else around you, you just want to be with him. It’s not that you miss him, but you are just wanting to see his physical presence. You only miss him caressing and pampering you. You are only missing his physical affection and not the company that you get from him. When we truly love someone, we want to spend all most all the time with that person. But if you don’t feel like staying with him frequently, you don’t invite him over, you don’t want him when you occupied, then it is possible you just love the idea of wanting someone in your life.

2. You fantasize about the future

If you’re with someone, you should be so satisfied with your present that you don’t feel the need to think about a better option in your future. There’s nonetheless much to start looking forward to in your everyday relationship, and this in turn makes you think about how awesome your future would be with that very person. If you are truly loved by someone and were very much happy in a relationship, then you would’ve so many memories that you could think all over and blush about. However, if you frequently plan your future with him more than living your present, then he might not be the one for you.

3. You make comparisons of the both of you to other couples

It’s not news that you will never be happy when you are in a relationship with someone you don’t love, you will never be contented with the bond that you both have. You will instead idolize other couples around you and would want to be in their shape like relationships. The problem is not the guy or the relationship, the only problem is you trying to force yourself on a guy you don’t love or want to be within the first place. You are only in love with the idea of him and being in a relationship with him. It’s not going to do you any good physically and emotionally. You can not be with someone you don’t love.

4. You start to question what you want

You are directly trying to spend your life with an idea and not the person, then you start to question the way that you are being treated and what you truly deserve. You will never find happiness or satisfaction in someone you don’t truly want. You will always get a hit back that he is not good enough for you. Whenever you get a thought that you deserve better in a relationship, you need to walk away. Those feelings will keep hitting at you till you find your way to getting what you truly deserve.

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