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4 Signs She Is About To Walk Away From You (Plus What To Do About It)

The relationship between love and attraction cannot be swept under the carpet or untouched. The two work hand-in-hand. When your partner loses attraction for you, love becomes powerless. But attraction can never lose out because it is what fuel love to do more. Love brings attraction and attraction brings love. When you earn your partner’s love they become glued and attracted to you and everything works perfectly. But when anything goes wrong one of the partners loses attraction first before love slowly dies down especially for the females. I know you want to find out if she is actually planning on walking away. Make sure you read to the end.

In the coming days, I am going to write more about the relationship between love and attraction. But today, we are still on:

4 Signs She Is About To Walk Away From You (Plus What To Do About It)

1. She isn’t bothered anymore

When she gets tired or wants to walk, she stops investing her time and effort in the relationship. She becomes indifferent, she doesn’t care anymore or she reduces it to little care. She will not even try to initiate contacts with you. She will show you that she gets busy with other things.

When this happens, it means she is over it and extremely tired of going ahead with the relationship. She had in the past tried everything to keep you but you kept ruining her efforts. But buff! she is giving up on you after having some deep thoughts about it.

Also, you have disappointed her expectations and values she has in you which thereby reduced the attraction she has for you.

The best way to fix this is to have things talk out with her and fix it. Let her know that you want to fix everything. You might not be able to make her forget the past but you want to make a better future with her.

You will be the one to keep initiating contacts to make it up and fix this. It is quite more easy if you know what you did wrong and how to go about it becomes easier. She might not be able to tell you everything that went wrong but you can do a kind of flashback to remember.

2. She gives you the silent treatment

She just won’t talk about it anymore. She has done that in the past which resulted in no or very little outcome. She exhausted all she knew to fix things in the past and doesn’t know what to say anymore. She goes mute on you.

Going mute on you is simply that she is getting away. When her response becomes “It’s nothing or Nevermind” to everything that you ask her. You will need to know that she wants to go away. You need to do something very fast because she is no more attracted to your fake life anymore. She wants something real or new.

Also, going mute on you means you become predictable. When a girl knows your next move, it becomes a problem. You can always tell from her action that she wants something real and new. Most guys out there are really afraid of fighting with their partners because they are afraid of losing her which makes them cold, obedient, and “a Yes-Person” (Someone who doesn’t have a say of their own).

A little fight or stir in the relationship will remind her that you are alive and quite aware of everything going on in the relationship. When you say no, she will know that you want something new from what she knows you for.

Do you know what I mean? Be the man. There are times you go hard, there are times you go a yes-person or a no-person. A mixture of these things will never let you become predictable. It’s not that you are not in alignment with your partner, it’s because you are disagreeing to agree with her.

Most people don’t know that a lot of things don’t work the way life puts them in the face. They actually work in the opposite. You can quote me anywhere.

3. She has given up

One of the signs you notice is that she stops doing anything for you. It is simply that she has given up on you and the relationship. This is a vital sign you will notice when she wants to walk away from you and the relationship.

However, ups and downs in relationships are not meant to destroy you both, they are meant to keep you stronger. It is not a bad thing that she has given up, it is a bad thing that you are not helping her out.

It might be outside her will. It might because your actions are forcing her to do what she doesn’t want subconsciously. She might later regret it if the relationship goes astray. All you need to do is help her out.

Show her that you are worth fighting for. Amend those broken pathways that you walked through in the past and remind her how much you love her.

4. She avoids romance and sex

Intimacy and romance are the bedrocks of any relationship. Women appreciated romance than sex. But one of the things she will show you is that she will avoid having sex with you. It will be so obvious that you will know she is walking away from you.

Listen, she will not tell you that she isn’t attracted to you anymore but obviously, she is slowly getting away from your life.

You won’t just sit back and let her go. Go to her and do those things that you know that makes her remember how much she wants to be with you. The major things you will be doing to get her back are those things to remind her what she wants. At times, she might have lost herself out. All you need to do is find her and tell her how badly you want her in your life.

I am sure if there is no external party trying to put you both apart, she will honestly forgive you and give you another chance.

Ladies, women have a flexible and soft heart that can be easily convinced but cannot be confused. When you push her to the wall, she backs out.

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