4 Common Relationship Issues and 3 Best And Easy Solutions For Them

Every couple will have to go through struggles in their respective relationships. They will go through problems or hurdles to become stronger and bound in love. But it doesn’t have to be so tedious for them to overcome if they are united – they can easily pass through a needle eye together.  Some problems are labeled unnecessary for couples to go through which are capable to bring down any relationship. There’s a need for you to work on your relationship so that it can overcome any forms of hurdle in days to come. And there are also some ways to totally avoid these issues. That’s where awareness has to come to play a big role in the relationship; you need to be aware of the common problems of any relationship and ways to solve them. I also want you to remember that there’s no perfect way to make a relationship work – what works for A might be poisonous to B. But notwithstanding, there are some points that you can follow or liaise with and will earn you ease in your respective relationships. Relationships require two parties that are totally committed and ready to put in their best for it to work. You will definitely not get a quick solution to any problem in your relationship because it takes time to effect change on any relationship. The most interesting part of any relationship is how much you are ready to put in or invest in the relationship.

This article is going to navigate 4 Common problems in a relationship and 3 effective ways to solve them.  

4 Common Problems In A Relationship.    

1. Criticism or Castigation 

NO matter the condition you shouldn’t be found criticizing your partner. Because it’s not going to work that way, when there’s a lot of criticism, frustration will dominate. Criticism won’t improve your partner, it will only weigh them down. Criticizing your partner will only create hate words and bad impressions on their own side and in the end, you won’t achieve anything with being negative of your partner.  

2. Defensiveness

When your partner is trying to point out your mistakes, you immediately responded with hostile words. You are so not ready for a correction. Instead of accepting your mistakes, you use that opportunity to say their past’s flaws. Which ends in an uncalled for arguments. This is not good enough at all. There should always be room for improvement in the relationship, and this cannot be achieved if you both don’t correct each other. Yes! Your partner should learn to overlook and be accommodative but things will only be on a pause in the relationship, you both won’t grow. But when you are freely able to correct your partner and they accept their flaws, the thing would move forward towards a healthy and strong relationship.  

3. Pride or Ego

Ego or pride, whatever you call it: they are brother and sister. Pride or Ego can destroy any relationship successfully. Pride is what makes you see your partner as inferior to you. You will always think they are so lucky to have you, whereas you are the one that is lucky to have someone who is not as proud as you are. Even if you are the breadwinner of the family, you should not act like that since it’s all about true love and a healthy relationship. Pride will never let you see anything good about your partner, all you could find in them is their flops and errors. A relationship is an agreement between two persons, only you cannot successfully make it work.

4. Indifference

The magical sin that someone could ever fall victim to commit in any relationship is being so indifferent.

You need to know what your partner is thinking or feeling. You have to deal with effective communication in the relationship. Learn to hear each other out and grow with each other’s thoughts. It’s two ways things and cannot be always about you.  

3 Effective Solutions  

1. Keep on the readiness to know more about your partner every day. Make it a routine.  Effective communication should not be found wanting in your respective relationships. Learn to know what your partner is thinking and what he is she is feeling, get to know what’s bothering them in the relationship. Take note of what they have to say and work towards it together. Try to bend your policies for your relationship so that harmony can dominate. Open up everything, don’t keep secrets. A secret-keeping relationship is so full of flaws and errors that are delicate to the relationship. Learn to trust your partner with your emotions and feelings. Relationship is all about support, unity, love and helping each other out. Work towards a great and strong relationship together.

2. Give your partner attention. Whenever you notice that your partner wants your attention, give it to them. Let them feel loved and valued by you. Respect how they feel, they won’t want you in the relationship in the first place if you are not attracted to them. Make them know that you are always available to them. Let your partner be free with you; make them know that they can tell you anything – be approachable for them. In essence, make them feel that you care and love them as much as they do.

3. Try to always show your love. Do unexpected things to your partner, be romantic in a meaningful way – it can be so simple and swift. Learn to be intimate. Hug and kiss your partner unpredictably. Use compliments, make them happy when they are sad. Give the best words of encouragement when they are down or dispirited. Add more value to their lives. You are your partner are team against the whole world.

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