30 Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend.

To add more fun and to make a relationship go stronger you need to ask your boyfriend some questions. The truth is that interacting or sharing your feelings and personal thoughts is very essential to building a relationship that will be strong and last long and can also be a forever relationship. It doesn’t matter if you both are just starting or have been dating for a while now. Get on the move to ask your man some meaningful and interesting questions and drop cool conversations with him.

30 Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend.

1. I hope you are not wasting my time baby?
2. Do you plan to end up with me?
3. Am I your first love?
4. How many kids do you want?

5. Are you indebted to anyone?
6. What will I ever do to you that you will never forgive me?
7. Will you ever get tired of me?
8. How long can you tolerate me?
9. Do you really want to be with me?
10. Are you ready to forget your past relationship?
11. What is your favorite hobby and food?
12. Will you ever cheat on me?
13. Will you want to be authoritative over me?
14. Will you ever raise your hands to hit me?
15. What do you know about care and love?
16. How do you go about disagreement?
17. What are your plans for us?
18. How many male and female friends do you have?
19. Are you still friends with your ex?
20. Do you plan to love your ex again?
21. What do you know about vacation, outing, and likes?
22. Are you going to always create time for me?
23. Hope taking care of me won’t become a liability?
24. What do you think about me and my personality?
25. What are your favorite sports?
26. What do you do best?
27. Will you ever report me to your relatives?
28. Do you have a temper?
29. Will you always respect my decision?
30. Do you have any long time pain?

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