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3 Signs That Your Partner Is A Pathological Or Typical Liar

How would you categorize a person to be a pathological or casual liar? Well, as assumed by various specialists and experts in the field, a pathological liar is defined as someone who might have a history of lying and dishonesty without having any genuine logical reason or motive. And that is why it is very difficult and frustrating whenever you get into a relationship with a person who happens to be a pathological liar. You are going to end up questioning your own self and sanity. You might be forced to think that you are crazy. However, you need to keep in mind that a pathological liar is just going to lie or fib for the sake of it. They are not really there to try to convince you that you are just being illogical or crazy. They are not there to deceive and manipulate you for their own selfish reasons. If you happen to be in a relationship with someone who is going to lie to you because it has already become a part of them, then it is possible that you are in a relationship with a pathological liar. They might not have any intentions of damaging your spirit or hurting you, but it can still be very difficult to stay in a relationship with them. You are going to end up feeling very frustrated, confused, and tired. You’re going to have to be dealing with lots of emotions in the middle of all the deception. That is why you always want to make it a standing figure of determining maybe you’re in a relationship with a pathological liar. It might be better for you to quit the relationship. Here are some signs that your partner is definitely a pathological liar.  

1. They are so used to it that they do such a good job of making it seem like they are not liars.

You have probably already read a few posts or articles and pieces that are written to teach you to figure out some fundamental signs whether you are dealing with someone who is lying to you or not. You might have been taught or read about it to notice if their breathing is labored, if they are blinking too much, or if they are frequently maintaining eye contact or not. But the bitter news is that none of those indicators are going to apply to someone who is a pathological liar. They’re so good at lying and they’re fully aware of these basic behavioral signs that a person might be lying. That’s why as a result, they have learned to just do the complete opposite of what people “look for or think of” in a liar. They will not really show off themselves to typical lying behavior and they will make it difficult for you to know if they are lying or not. They’re so good of just acting the same way irrespective of whether they’re lying or not. They might actually be telling the truth and they will be acting in a certain way. And they might be telling a lie while acting in the exact same manner. You would never be able to tell.  

2. They’re always confident about what they say even when it is not the truth.

You might be thinking that pathological liars are lying for a reason or some reasons known to them. You might be thinking that they’re deliberately trying to deceive you and deviate you from knowing the truth. They’re definitely convincing “themselves” that what they are telling you is the truth. They’re determined to just create completely different realities for themselves and its working. And they will try to convince you from the reality to their own manufactured or created versions of reality as well. That is why nothing really changes whenever you happen to catch them in the act. They are convinced that they’re saying the truth all of the time even when they’re clearly living in a delusional world. You might be thinking that you have caught them red-handed, but they still will not be convinced of anything that you might say. In fact, they might even in the end turn the whole situation around on you and make you more confusedly convinced. They are going to appear as confident as ever even when they’re already lying or fibbing to you.  

3. They are very manipulated in a subtle and smart manner.

A pathological liar is definitely a manipulative individual. However, the dangers that they show with their fibbing or lying can be very subtle and smart. And that is why it would be really so difficult to see how manipulative they can really be. The reason that the kind of manipulative behavior that they engage in is so subtle is that they do not really intend or mean to be that manipulative. They might be trying to convince you of a fantastical or big idea. And you might see it as controlling behavior, but it is them just being themselves.

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