3 Reasons: Why Someone Stops Loving You.

No one has ever understood everything about love except the creator. Love is a very unique feeling which can cause you to smile, laugh and the worst part is, it can also make you cry. You find yourself some points in time so much in love with someone and before you know it, everything dies down. It is very easy to start loving someone but it can be very difficult to stop loving someone if it is true. I must say that when it is true love, you cannot actually stop loving someone. The worst you can do is trick yourself or make yourself forget. Love is a very powerful element, it is never meant to cause destruction but if love is abused it could lead to a longtime pain.
Have you ever had a thought of why you stop loving someone all of a sudden, or you probably find yourself in a scenario where someone stops loving you suddenly and you are so confused and so eager to know why? I have decided to step in and write up this article to explain why someone stops loving you all of a sudden and or why you stop loving someone suddenly. Let’s get on the ride:


It is actually possible to think you love someone and whereas you don’t even love them at all. There are some things that can cause that type of scenario, you might probably love them because of the way they dress, the physical appearance, pressure of being single; you needed someone so badly to fill up that space, can at times make you think you love someone. In some cases, he or she convinced you with everything and you decided to give it a try whereas you do not really have feelings for him or her. The reason why you stop loving someone or someone stops loving you might be because, what you love about them fades out eventually, maybe in the middle of the relationship with them, which is also known as infatuation.


Humans are jealous creatures. We cannot accommodate the fact that someone cheats on us whatsoever. If someone cheats on you, the truth is you might stop seeing them the way you used to but you cannot stop loving them if it is true. This is a very bad situation as it sounds, no matter what, we should not find you cheating on your partner. we strongly detest it, if you do not want the relationship anymore, it is better to quit than to give your partner unnecessary pain.


Anything can make you love someone, the situation when you felt you owe someone a lot and all you could do to pay them is love them when you are compassionate towards someone when you do not want to hurt someone when the person you are dealing with cannot bear the truth, can actually make you love someone and want to stay with them. The truth be told, in these situations, if eventually, you find the person you truly want unconditionally can make you back out and go for what you want. This might be the reason why someone stops loving you or you stop loving anyone.

These mentioned points are the main reasons why you stop loving someone or he or she stops loving you. The best thing to do when someone stops loving you is to heal up, stop trying hard to get them back, stop using another painkiller; you have to find someone who you truly love and who will love you exactly the way you do and the person will be the healing to your pains. Don’t worry you will overcome it, it will make you stronger. 

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