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250+ Nicknames for Her plus Meanings

Are you looking for the perfect nickname for your girlfriend? Choose from a variety of cute nicknames for girlfriends to make them happy and, more importantly, special.

Let me tell you something… Love makes us all warm and cuddly inside.

We have this natural urge to be super sweet to our loved ones, and there is no better way to express our feelings than through cute nicknames.

What’s more, we are not even aware of the effect of a good nickname. It can change the course of your entire relationship, because your girlfriend will feel even more loved than she is. She will feel special and unique.

This is a feeling that each of us wants to experience. And you make it possible for her. That is a big plus for you.

The only catch is to be innovative and unique – we don’t want to repeat the same nicknames that everyone else uses.

Sweet nicknames must express your intimate feelings towards that special person.

You need to tell a one- or two-word story about something you think is charming and endearing to your partner. You don’t even have to have a connection to her real name.

Nicknames can be something completely unrelated, something that makes no sense to anyone but you two. That’s what makes them even more special.

When you should start using cute nicknames for your girlfriend

Sure, it’s never too early, but there are some rules. Don’t you think it would be so stupid and creepy to call your date “cute” on the first date?

She would run away because it’s way too early to start throwing around such personal nicknames. You don’t even know each other that well.

Instead of making a terrible mistake, you should wait until you get to know the girl you’re dating a little better.

When things get a little more serious between you and when you connect on a deeper emotional level, this is the perfect time to introduce cute and sweet nicknames for her.

Using nicknames is a sign that your relationship is going in the right direction.

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As mentioned above, if you give each other nicknames, it is a clear sign that your relationship has grown beyond that first uncomfortable phase when you are still getting to know each other.

Nicknames are a real, transparent sign that you have matured together and that you feel comfortable with each other.

In this sense, it’s one thing for a man to give a nickname to a girl and it’s another for a girl to give a nickname to a man.

Sure, some people will give you a nickname from the moment they get to know you, but usually this is not the person who is romantically interested in you, and usually it is the boys who do it first.

But if a girl gives you a nickname when you are not in a relationship, it means that she is flirting with you and wants to get your attention because…SURPRISED…she likes you.

How do you give a nickname?

Cute names aren’t that easy to come by. I’m not saying you have to be a magician, but a certain amount of imagination and good powers of observation is necessary.

If you are not well equipped in these departments, I recommend you read this manual carefully, and good luck!

If you give someone a nickname, there are a few things you need to consider before making your choice:

  • What is your relationship with them? – you must make sure that the nickname you give your partner is appropriate to the relationship you have. If you are married, some nicknames will probably be more intimate, something only you two can understand. If you give a nickname to the person you are in a more casual relationship with, that nickname will be more innocent and generic. After all, you are not that familiar with each other.
  • How they feel about the nickname – Before you choose a cute nickname for your girlfriend, make sure she agrees with what you want to call her. Either ask her what she thinks or try to call her that and see how she reacts. It’s neither funny nor interesting if the person doesn’t like the nickname you gave him.
  • A nickname must be unique – your girlfriend must be the only person you call with that nickname. If she finds out that you use the same nickname for other girls you know, she won’t feel special or unique – and that’s not what you are aiming for.
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  • A nickname must match your personality – Think carefully about the characteristics of your person before you give them a nickname. The cute pet name you come up with must match the person’s personality.

Of course, you’ll never stop calling your friend by her real name, but using a nickname gives your relationship a special touch.

You bring more emotion to your relationship, and you deepen it by using a nickname that no one but you uses to call her.

If you happen to have problems, below is a list of cute nicknames for girls that might be useful to you. So read on and use my help to unleash your creativity.

Cute nicknames for a girlfriend

1. Sprinkles – when you look at it, she is that something extra that spices up your life.

2. Angel baby – a cute nickname for an adorable girlfriend.

3. Doll – she is as perfect as a doll as far as you are concerned.

4. Angel – when you look at her, all you see is perfection. Therefore, it’s logical to compare her to something as perfect as her—an angel.

5. Pooh bear – a perfect and adorable pet name for the sweetest being alive.

6. Apple of my eye – someone special you love and cherish. Someone you don’t want to lose at any cost.

7. My queen – she is the ruler of your heart, whether you like it or not.

8. Angel Eyes – her eyes captivate you, and you’re helpless when she looks at you.

9. Cookie – a nickname for a girlfriend you could just eat up.

10. Babe – a cute pet name for a girlfriend you adore

11. Daisy – it doesn’t have to do anything with her name, she is just delicate as a flower.

12. Angel face – for a girl who is flawless in your eyes, like an angel.

13. Sweet Pea – a perfect nickname for the most perfect girlfriend ever.

14. Love muffin – a sweet way to call the girl who is as cute as a muffin.

15. Baby – the most common and oldest nickname in the book.

16. Happiness – because this girl is the reason you’re happy.

17. Baby girl – this nickname is popular in the south. It only proves how much you love and cherish her.

18. Cuddly Wuddly – a cute name for your girlfriend you like to cuddle with.

19. Baby Bear – a nickname for a soft and cuddly girlfriend, just like a bear.

20. Kitten – because she is adorable like a kitten. You just want to cuddle and hold her.

couple hugging and smiling

21. Babelicious – a carefree and humorous nickname which is a more modern version of ‘babe’ and ‘baby’.

22. Hearties – she is the one who has the key to your heart. Perhaps she is the key to your heart.

23. Baby boo – a cute nickname for a girl you like a lot.

24. Boo – if you find her sexy.

25. Beautiful – a perfect nickname for both her looks and her amazing personality.

26. Lollipop – for a delicious and irresistible girlfriend.

27. Barbie – for an astonishing girlfriend, pretty as a Barbie.

28. Button – your girl is as cute as a button.

29. Blondie – a cute nickname for your blonde girlfriend.

30. Wifey – either you’re already married or you think of her as wife material.

31. Beauty queen – for a gorgeous girl.

32. Magic – for the girlfriend who makes you feel magical.

33. Blue eyes – If her eyes are the only thing you see.

34. Bunny ears – an amazing nickname for a girl who has the cutest and the tiniest ears ever.

35. Berry – a sweet nickname for a curvy and adorably cute girlfriend.

36. Pinks – a girl nickname for a girly girl.

37. Bootylicious – if her booty is her strongest weapon, and she is aware of that.

38. Biscuit – a girl with a cute and cuddly character.

39. Donut – a nickname for a sweet and round girl.

40. Bunny – a sweet girl with a softer side.

41. Candy – an impossibly sweet girl, just like candy.

42. Summer – a bringer of the light and positivity in your life.

43. Buttercup – this nickname is not used that often because it’s old-school, but face it, it’s a classic.

44. Caramel – for a sweet sweetheart.

45. Bub – for an incredibly adorable person.

46. Care Bear – if you’ve ever watched Care Bears, there is no need to explain things.

47. Cutie pie – a nickname for a girl with an adorable face.

48. Honey – no need to say anything. It’s a classic.

49. Cherie – Cherie means ‘sweetheart’ in French. If calling your girlfriend in French isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

Sweet nicknames for a girlfriend

happy woman in front of a man

50. Darling – another classic that will never go out of style.

51. Cinderella – your girlfriend is a true princess in your eyes.

52. Cupcake – a definition of sweetness for a sweet and yummy girl.

53. Dearest – a woman who means the world to you.

54. Sunshine – every time you see her, she lights up your day.

55. Honey bunny – to your sweet soft and cuddly girlfriend.

56. Dreamgirl – a girl you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.

57. Diamond – a perfect name for someone as precious as a diamond.

58. Bright eyes – her eyes are her best feature.

59. Boo bear – a great nickname for a cuddly girlfriend.

60. Gummy bear – this is a jackpot nickname if she loves gummy bears.

61. Fav fav – your favorite girl.

62. My love – that is all you feel when you see her.

63. Honey bee – she is sweet as honey, but she can also bite to take it back.

64. Fluffy – this is a girl who always makes you feel safe.

65. Lucky charm – having her around makes him feel lucky.

66. Teddy bear – a cute and cuddly girlfriend.

67. Dollface – an adorable nickname for a sweet girl.

68. Sweetie pie – like the most delicious dessert, you can’t resist her.

69. Babycakes – I mean, does it get any cuter than that?

70. Light of my soul – a deep nickname with some serious intentions behind the words.

71. Fruitloop – an exciting and playful girl.

72. Rose – she is as precious as a rose.

73. Lovebird – she’s extremely connected to you. She can’t separate from you, ever.

74. Sugarlips – a girl who gives the sweetest kisses ever.

75. Brown eyes – her brown eyes are the most attractive eyes you’ve ever seen.

76. Snuggly – her cuteness is out of this world. The only thing you want and need is to snuggle with her.

77. Jelly bean – a nickname for a girlfriend who is soft on the inside.

78. Pumpkin – a bright and sweet girlfriend.

79. Jewel – a nickname for a precious girl.

80. Lil dove – for a girl who is fragile and pure like a dove.

couple holding hands while walking

81. Babylicious – a delicious girl who is all yours and no one else’s.

82. Cuddle bunny – a girl you only want to cuddle and hold tight.

83. Panda – a nickname for a cute, chubby and friendly girl.

84. Kit Kat – a beautiful name for an attractive girl.

85. The Mrs – if you’re planning on marrying her, this is a great way to give her a hint.

86. Ladybug – a beautiful nickname for a graceful and cute girlfriend.

87. Boo boo – if she is playful and cute, all in one.

88. Pookie – there is no real meaning to this one. It’s just cute and that’s all.

89. Baby doll – an ideal nickname for a petite and super cute girl.

90. Cuddle bug – for a girl you love to cuddle with and snuggle on the couch while watching a movie.

91. Tootsie – for a girl with lovely feet.

92. Honeybunch – a perfect nickname for a girl who is sweet as honey.

93. Sunny – if your girlfriend can’t get her smile off her face, this is a perfect nickname for her.

94. Smiley – the same as sunny.

95. Gumdrop – there is no meaning behind this word. It’s fun and it’s cute. It’s used often.

96. Lovey – a shorter version of Lovey-dovey

97. Tulip – when she blooms, she blooms for you.

98. Fantasy – perfect for a girl who is like a character from a fairy tale.

99. Twinkles – she shines and twinkles brightly like a star.

100. Dreamboat – she’s everything you’ve ever dreamt about.

Personality-based cute nicknames for a girlfriend

couple playing on the street

101. Ice – she is always calm and altogether.

102. Wheels – if your girlfriend loves to dance, then this is a perfect nickname for her.

103. Loony – she is a bit crazy but in a good way.

104. Eye candy – she is sweet to look at.

105. Sting – an incredibly stubborn girl.

106. Perfect – you simply can’t find anything wrong with her.

107. Firecracker – she is a restless spirit.

108. Lover girl – she has an old-school, loving personality. She loves with all of her heart.

109. Missy Mischief – she always gets in trouble, and somehow, you get in trouble with her, too.

110. Boss – this girl is and always has to be in charge.

family playing outside

111. Giggles – she laughs all the time. It’s her most famous personality trait.

112. Champ – pretty much the same as the nickname ‘boss’

113. Hot stuff – not only does she look smokin’ hot, her personality is hot, too.

114. Braveheart – this one is pretty self-explanatory.

115. Smartypants – she is super smart, and she knows almost everything.

116. Dragonfly – she changes her personality to what suits her at that moment.

117. Cat woman – a perfect nickname for a fierce, cunning and sexy woman.

118. Gangsta baby – she is badass from the outside but a sweetie from the inside.

119. Snow White – an innocent and sweet girl.

120. Smile maker – whoever is around her simply has to smile. She has that effect on people.

121. Odie – the best friend you can ever have.

122. Amazon – just like an Amazon warrior, she’s strong and fearless.

123. Tricky – she is very hard to comprehend, but you love her anyway.

124. Google – she is a walking encyclopedia.

125. Supergirl – there isn’t a problem that she can’t solve.

126. Meow – she cuddles like a kitten with you.

127. Peaches – this is for a girl who blushes a lot.

128. Rabbit – a great nickname for a girl who is always running around getting things done.

129. Shoppy – she is shopping all the time. Period.

130. Brownie – her attractive brown eyes mesmerize you every time you look at them.

131. Melody – she sings like an angel.

132. Chef – she knows her way around the kitchen.

133. Tiger Toes – she is kind of a short-tempered, but you love her despite that.

134. Weirdo – her personality is strange and unique. It’s something that makes you love her even more.

135. Brainy – she is extremely smart.

136. Bree – for a girl who is cool and smart at the same time.

137. Fluffy – she is as soft as a pillow.

138. Dimples – if she has dimples on her face.

139. Ecstasy – she is intoxicating.

140. Hot mama – she’s hot both outside and inside. She is fire.

Cool and cute nicknames for a girlfriend

141. Fine wine – she is the most exotic girl you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

142. Smooch – all you want to do when you see her is to kiss her.

143. Momma – she is special to you; the nickname confirms it.

144. Bubble butt – only those who don’t have a sense of humor will get angry.

145. Wonder Woman – it’s like she has superpowers. You’re amazed by her.

146. Butterfly – if you call her this, then she must be as pretty as a butterfly on a hot summer’s day.

147. Babyface – she is adorable.

148. Juliet – she is your Juliet, and you’re her Romeo.

149. Milady – a classy nickname for a classy girl.

150. Pretty lady – a pretty nickname for a pretty girl.

Funny nicknames for girlfriends

woman wearing black

151. Puppet – she is calm, and she is easy going. You can always strike a deal with her. She’s reasonable.

152. Teacup – it’s not logical; it’s just adorable.

153. Lovebug – you use love bug where there is an overload of cuteness.

154. Chipmunk – she has an adorable voice and personality.

155. Puppy love – she is cute as a puppy, and she’s always by your side.

156. Cheese balls – her cheeks are the cutest ever.

157. Energy pop – she is a girl who bursts with energy.

158. Bubbles – she has a bubbly attitude, all day and all night.

159. Pancakes – she is a simple, next door girl.

160. Whiney – she is kind of a whiner, but you love her anyway.

161. Ring pop – she is as cute as a ring pop.

162. Fun size – she is tiny and adorable.

163. Dumpling – she is curvy and adorable.

164. Salty – an ideal nickname for a tough and a bit of aggressive girl.

165. Butterscotch – if she’s blond and you don’t want to call her Blondie.

166. Pikachu – there is no need to explain this one.

167. Little monkey – a great nickname for someone you’re just fooling around with. Be careful and make sure she doesn’t take it the wrong way.

168. Miss Mischief – she’s always up to no good.

169. Snuggle butt – her butt is nice, round and snuggly.

170. Trouble – the name says it all.

Foody cute nicknames for a girlfriend

man and woman sitting at restaurant smiling and looking at each other

171. Marshmallow – because she is adorable like a marshmallow.

172. Peanut – great things always come in small sizes. She is tough on the outside, but she’s sweet on the inside.

173. Ginger – if she’s a red-head, then she’s a ginger.

174. Waffle – she likes waffles. That’s it.

175. Lambchop – a term of endearment for a cute girlfriend.

176. Snookie – she’s too sweet, and she’s one of a kind.

177. Sugar – because she’s sweet like sugar.

178. Coco – if you’re addicted to her and you can’t imagine your life without her.

179. Snicker-doodle – nice and hard to forget.

180. Blueberry – she’s savory yet sweet.

Spanish nicknames for a girlfriend

181. Amanda – darling

182. Amor – love

183. Amante – lover

184. Angelita – my angel

185. Azúcar – sugar

186. Chiquilla – a little girl

187. Bebé – baby

188. Cielito – sweetie

189. Bella – beautiful

190. Corazón – sweetheart

happy couple at home

191. Bichito – little bug

192. Sol – sun

193. Bombón – chocolate piece

194. Tesoro – treasure

195. Bonita – pretty

196. Vida – life

197. Caramela- sweet as candy

198. Cariño – dear

199. Cari – caring girlfriend

200. Chiquita – short girlfriend

201. Conejito – little bunny

202. Estrella – star

203. Empanada dulce – sweet pie

204. Preciosa Mío – my precious

205. Enamorada – your Valentine

206. Princesa – princess

207. Galletita – cookie

208. Querida – beloved

209. Luz de mis ojos – the light of my eyes

210. Mami – cute lady

couple dancing on the street

211. Trozo de pan – attractive girl

212. Maravillosa – gorgeous

213. Runga – sweet and lovable

214. Mi Cielito – my little sky

215. Regalito – little present

216. Mi Dulce amiga – my dear friend

217. Peluche – stuffed animal

218. Mi Mujer – my wife

219. Osito – little bear

220. Mi Niña – my little girl

221. Ojitos – little eyes

222. Mi Reina – my queen

223. Ojazos – big beautiful eyes

224. Mi Tierra – my world

225. Ninfa – nymph

226. Mi Tigresa – tiger

227. Mimoso – cuddly, affectionate—a cute name for a girlfriend

228. Mi Alma – my soul

229. Mi muñeca – my doll

230. Mi Dulce de leche – candy (popular candy in Spanish-speaking countries)

Italian nicknames for a girlfriend

231. Amore – love

232. Amo – short for love

233. Bambino – baby

234. Amorina – little lovely

235. Cara – dear

236. Pimpi – short for a princess

237. Ciccino – darling

238. Principessa – princess

239. Cuore mio – my heart

240. Reginetta – little queen

couple sitting together on the floor in romantic bedroom

241. Gioia – joy

242. Fiore – flower

243. Pulce – tiny girlfriend

244. Sei unica – you are one in a million

245. Micia – kitty

246. Stellina – star

247. Farfallina – little butterfly

248. Tesoro – treasure

249. Coccinella – ladybug

250. Bambina – child

cheerful man and woman lying on bed

251. Fiorellino – little flower

252. Piccolina – child

253. Tigrotta – little tiger

254. Piccola – tiny

255. Vita mia – my life

256. Fatina – little fairy

257. Ciliegina – little cherry

258. Zuccherina – little sugar

259. Tesorina – little treasure

260. Caramellina – little candy

French nicknames for a girlfriend

261. Beauté – beautiful girlfriend

262. Bibiche – same as “Bichette”—female deer

263. Ma poupée – baby doll

264. Chatounette – kitty

265. Ma chérie – for the love of your life

266. Choupinette – sweetheart

267. Ma princesse – my princess

268. Coquinette – a nickname for a sexy girlfriend

269. Ma reine – my queen

270. Lapinette – a girlfriend cute as a rabbit

romantic couple sitting on stairs face to face

271. Ma tendre – true sweetheart

272. Ma belle – my beautiful

273. Mon amour – my love

274. Ma chance – my luck

275. Mon bébé – my baby

276. Ma colombe – my dove

277. Mon bébé d’amour – my sweet baby love

278. Mon chou – honey

279. Roudoudou – caramel candy in a shell—cute french nickname

280. Ma crevette – my shrimp

281. Pupuce – pet name for a girlfriend

282. Ma douce – sweetie

283. Poulette – chick

284. Ma fée – my fairy

285. Pépette – someone you value

286. Ma lionne – my lioness

287. Mon sucre d’orge – my little candy

288. Ma mignonnette – my beautiful mermaid

289. Mon cœur au chocolat – my chocolate heart (sweetheart)

290. Ma muse – someone who inspires you

291. Mon chou – honey

292. Ma pépite – a piece of gold

293. Mon bébé d’amour – my lovely baby

294. Ma petite grenouille – little frog

295. Ma violette – my violet

296. Ma petite sirène – little mermaid

297. Ma tourterelle – turtledove

298. Ma promise – the promised one

299. Ma souris – my mouse

300. Ma schtroumpfette – my Smurfette

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