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20 Good Night Messages for Her. She’s Going To Want You More.

Women are amazing creatures. They are very close to impossible when it comes to understanding them. Most men do not know that the small thing counts to them. Those things that most men focus on do not freak them out most times. Why not try something different? Record has it that most men after marriage, they tend to stop doing what they used to do before marriage. Love goes does down from a 100% to %50, it becomes a one person’s duty to keep the relationship going. You don’t want a break up or a divorce, yes, I know. Why did you stop what made her to agree to marry you or date you? You need to go back to those things before it’s too late. You need to know that there are countless of men out there that will do more than what you do for her. I’m not saying that you ain’t good for her. Yes, you are. She chose you and please don’t let her regret her decision. I know you used to send her good night messages before. Of course, you are going back to do that for her. Make her happy. You don’t necessarily need to copy and paste what you see here. You can work around them. Hello! You can copy from them if you’d like too.

Now, here we go.

Make your woman happy every night.

1. Good night, sweet angel and let the stars take you to the dream land. Dream of me! Lots of love

2. Do not ever fear the darkness of night as I will always be there holding you tight. Good night baby girl. I love you!

3. Although we are apart but you are always holding my hand in my dreams. Good night.

4. With the setting of the sun, I want to remind you that you are very special to me and I am thankful for all the days spent with you. Good night, baby!

5. Nights are always difficult for me as you are not beside me. I dream of the day when we shall always be together throughout the sunrise and sunsets. Good night, baby.

6. Your smile shows me the path even in my dreams. I know I will always be fine as long as you are there with me. Drift into the dreams, princess. Dream about the perfect world together. Love you!

7. May your sleep be full of dreams which keep you awake during the day. May you achieve everything you desire in your dreams. Good night, baby. I love you!

8. Another day is over and it feels good to have someone to share my sorrows and happiness. Sending warm hugs and kisses to you. Good night.

9. Before you go to the bed, I want you to know that there is someone who constantly thinks about you and loves you more than anything in this world. Good night and sweet dreams.

10. I am happy to have you in my life. I am glad that we get to spend days and nights together. Good night. Sweet dreams.

11. Close your eyes, make a wish to the stars, off the lights and drift into the sleep. Good night.

12. Put your mobile down, close your eyes, gaze at the moon and think of me. Good night. Sweet dreams.

13. There are enormous stars in the sky but you are my favorite one. Good night.

14. Good night and sleep fast so that I can meet you in your dreams. Love you!

15. The moon reminds me about you every night. It reminds me of your beautiful and bright smile that can light up my world in dark. Good night.

16. With the company of stars and the moon, have the most beautiful dream tonight. Good night.

17. I wish to end this day by whispering ‘I love you’ in your ears so that you sleep peacefully at night. Good night.

18. I may not be there to hold you tight when you encounter a nightmare but I can make sure to lighten up your dreams with my presence every night. Good night.

19. When I sleep here alone, all I can think is about you. Hope you are having a good sleep too. Good night. Sweet dreams.

20. My love will always protect and guide you even in your sleep. Good night angel. Sleep tight.

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