2 Signs That He Is A Player

It is almost close to impossible to differentiate a player from a serious man who is really ready to love you and sacrifice for the relationship after marriage. It is even alarming now that most men are just looking for whom to rip out from, either financially or sex-wise. They do not really want to settle down and that is how it continues and leads to so much of heartbreaks. It is simply difficult to find a husband while playboys are all over the place flaunting to be real to naive and innocent ladies out there who are truly looking for real love or a husband to die for. There are just two definite arts of a player which he does subconsciously without knowing. And I will want you to pay very good attention to those two things. What are these two indicators that a man is not a lover but a player or a manipulator?  


He finds all means to cover up who he really is. He gets to study you and know what you like and eventually, use those things for his favor against you. You hardly find a fault in him because he is extremely careful. He believes if he satisfies you in everything, he would get your trust and every other thing he wants from you. He is super nice to you that you cannot tell the difference between an angel and the devil. You cannot say he has done something wrong because he has carefully studied you and now manipulating you. The truth is that in the end, when he gets what he wants he is a goner because he will leave you for good. You need to be very careful and disciplined when falling in love because you might not be able to differentiate a manipulator and a real husband material easily.  


He cares so much for you. Before you think about it, he knows it. The best way to find out what he is is simply a little test. You just need to go cold on him, you reduce phone calls, physical contacts from little to zero; withdraw a bit, and watch his reactions from afar. Most manipulators and players do not like stress, they give up so easily because they believe there are plenty of naive girls and young ladies out there. A real man who truly loves you will not give up on you so easily even when you push him away, he tries again and again and again.   I hope this article helps ladies out there.

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