15 signs your partner wants to cheat

Are you being deceived?
Being in a relationship is not just fun and games, and not everyone is lucky enough to find true love on the first try. Most of the time, you have to deal with disappointment and deception and believe it or not, everyone can experience a difficult couple at least once in a lifetime. Deception has become a status symbol these days. A person is not considered good until he or she is dating at least 3 different couples at the same time. Here are some signs that will help you find out if your partner wants to trick you.:

1. Disappearance.
Often disappear without notice. One day, everyone’s happy and comfortable with each other and the next morning they’re gone. It’s not like you can’t have your freedom or date other people, but you’ll know your partner fades into the air without even having an obvious reason. They would be inaccessible for hours or even days and when they return and you face them, he / she will be the most incomprehensible excuse that you will not even understand. The worst part is that they will act as if nothing had happened and they would be less concerned about their apprehension.

2. Check your phone too often:
You’ll find them checking your phone too much as before. They will even avoid receiving calls in front of you and change passwords too often. He or she will get defensive if you take away their phone and the typical parade of you doesn’t trust me enough to leave my phone alone will prevail. This is a classic sign of a person who wants to cheat or is already cheating his partner with another person. You know about their social circle and you’ve never seen them text before, so it’s worth noting.

3. Coming home angry and irritated.
He or she comes into the house and everything seems irritating to them. Even the sight of you waiting for them does not revitalize any feeling of affection towards you. Looks like they just want to go back to where they came from or run away from this house and you because they hate everything. Just come home angry, if it’s not work-related, it’s not right. It could also indicate that they are doing something they should not and to provide a distraction, he or she lashes out against anger in order to lose course.

4. Spending too much time in the bathroom:
No, no, it’s not what you think. They spend too much in the bathroom because they want to be alone and they can’t go out every 10 minutes to be away from you. Spending too much time brushing your teeth or taking really long baths indicates that they want to stay away from you as long as possible without looking too obvious. If you are already being cheated, he or she will shower frequently to eliminate any unrecognizable odor. This is also a way to feel less guilty for your actions, as water is a cleaning agent and could wash away your sins.

5. Do everything possible to avoid meaningful conversations:
You begin to receive silent treatment. They don’t care about the future anymore and every time you want to have a conversation related to the two of them, they try to deflect it or ignore it completely. He or she doesn’t want to talk much about anything anymore and you find them in silence more often than before. The thing is, they don’t want to share too much with you because sharing about two people and they don’t want that to happen now. All they want is for me to leave them alone and not ask him about things he or she is not willing to answer because, in any case, they won’t.

6. Sleep sooner than before:
They start sleeping much sooner than before. One reason is to avoid having sex and the other is to have a good long conversation because they don’t want both to happen. Yeah, getting free sex is a win-win but they’re too guilty to take advantage of. If he or she is already interested in someone else, they wouldn’t want to do anything with you that might give you the idea that your relationship is getting stronger. It is a natural phenomenon for couples to come closer at night when there is intimacy and do not care about work or people. Therefore, he or she will fall asleep before their usual time to avoid approaching you.

7. There are frequent fights for the least provocation.
Where they used to be so quiet and understanding before, there they fight with the slightest provocation. He or she really needs a solid reason to argue with you because they are already so irritated by your presence that it is enough to trigger bad education. He or she literally doesn’t care what they say when they’re angry and respect for their feelings is lost once they start saying what they think.

8. They start partying too:
Your sober and serious boyfriend / girlfriend becomes a party fan. Before, you had to force them to go to clubs with you on the weekend and now they come home drunk every other night. He / she very much likes to party because they find and meet new and exotic people that way and have the most obvious source to deceive you. They don’t care what you think, because as long as they’re away from you and surrounded by drunk boys and girls, life is good for them. This way, when others see them living the life of the perfect couple, Why didn’t they beat them up?

9. The idea of the trio:
What was once a taboo in your relationship becomes an adventure you must try now. They often talk about a third partner for a wild night. They keep insisting on thinking outside the box and asking you to consider it because it’s the safest and most reliable way to cheat. You will give them permission to deceive you with someone else and the worst part is that you will even be a very important participant in it. He or she doesn’t need to go behind your back because they can do it all in front of you like this.

10. Love fades away:
He / she becomes ruthless sometimes. Sometimes, all you need from your partner is some kindness and affection. If they stop being affectionate, you should know that something important is happening to you in their life. If they can see you getting hurt without feeling the slightest empathy, then they clearly don’t care about you anymore. Kindness is very important in a relationship and if you cannot be kind to your feelings, then it is a clear sign that he or she is with someone who is making you ruthless.

11. They stop praising you:
No matter how hard you try to make yourself perfect for your partner, he / she will not praise you. The times when they used to pamper you with all the necessary benefits are over. They don’t even notice if it looks different, if they cut their hair or lose weight. They are now less upset by your appearance and the fact that you are doing everything that is just for them is not important to him / her. He or she does not want to give him any reason to hold on to them and they know that if they continue to ignore these things, they will eventually tire and throw them away. He / she wants to make sure that everything is convenient for them and that they are not blamed for leaving you in the end.

12. Take a look at other girls in front of you:
He doesn’t care that you’re with him when he checks out other girls. It’s true that almost all guys check on girls even when they’re in a relationship, but that usually doesn’t mean anything and it’s just a habit. But if he checks the others right in front of you, then he obviously wants you to notice and offer him a scandal, giving him more reason to leave you for someone else. He doesn’t care if you feel bad when he looks at other girls who might be prettier than you because to him you must be the most beautiful girl in the world.

13. Flirt even when you’re near:
Verification is in the nature of every man, but flirting is a bit extreme on both sides if you’re already engaged. In case they start yelling at the girls in broad daylight while you’re by your side like you’re not there, your partner’s already on the hunt and I couldn’t have ruled them. It’s better to leave them alone and do their thing because if he or she do it when you’re with them, then you’ll feel disrespectful and where there’s no respect there’s no love. Just let them go and know that you deserve so much better and more than this.

14. They come home very happy:

Even this can be dangerous because if he / she is usually bored in his / her company but comes home happy and fun, they may now be enjoying someone else’s company. They stay quiet around you, sleep early at night and fight with you, but every day they come home they are very happy for words and if they don’t understand what’s going on, they have a very thick skull. Being in a relationship requires attention from both sides, you may not be attentive enough to meet all your needs, so start noticing before losing your partner.

15. Find new hobbies:
Don’t forget that couples try new things together and if your partner has a lot of hobbies that don’t include you, then he / she has already decided to trick you. If they want to go to new places without you and meet new people who don’t include you, of course, they’re looking for a way out and they want to find someone else or they’ve already found someone new that you definitely shouldn’t know. Just remember, this is the 21st century and you’re not a damsel in distress who can’t solve things and fight for your right.
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