12 Relationship Turn-Offs That Is capable of KILLING Any Romantic Relationship

12 Relationship Turn-Offs That Is capable of KILLING Any Romantic Relationship

The word ‘relationship’ comes up anywhere before you start to think of terms such as unfaithfulness or cheating, the difference of opinions, differences in future goals and plans, and others come forth to the mind, isn’t it? Well, most of the time relationships come to an end because of disappointments; too much of expectations from your partner and buff! They weren’t met. Be it consciously or unconsciously, your partner is going to say somethings that will dispirit the romance in the relationship. And you might not get to know it that these things can lead to the end of a relationship. I’ve painstakingly picked out some of those things:  

1. Jealousy

Jealousy is probably one of the oldest shut-offs in any relationship. If at any point in time your partner pays more attention to someone else rather than you, it gives birth to insecurity in a relationship. And also, it leads to jealousy. These two things can successfully bring down a relationship to the ground.  

2. Selfishness

Any relationship involves two people’s agreement and your selfishness is capable of ending the relationship, it doesn’t matter if you both love each other so much. You cannot make life-changing decisions without your partner’s support, if you do so, you are already destroying the relationship with your action.  

3. Manipulative their behavior

If you are playing around with your other half’s emotions, it will eventually chase them away from you. Relationships should be a ground for emotional freedom for you and your partner, but when that is not happening, the relationship will be at stake. Emotional abuse is definitely the worst to go through in a relationship after physical abuse.  

4. When you take their love and kindness for granted

People don’t realize the importance of what they have until they lose it.  They do not get to know that if someone loves you unconditionally it’s so rare to find. Everybody wants it but not everybody is going to have it. But here you are, lucky! You’ve forgotten the true worth of love so easily and you are taking your partner for granted because you have what is uncommon. Be careful before you destroy your relationship with your carelessness.  

5. No more time and space

If you don’t learn to give your partner his or her privacy or the time and space to grow then you are ready to burn out the love that you both share. They want to have life, they want to live for themselves, you just have to give them time to do whatever they want to do.  

6. Doesn’t want to compromise, but keeps demanding

You need to learn to bend in certain areas in your relationship. At times, you just have to sacrifice your own happiness for your partner’s interest. If you are too rigid or self-centered, you will sooner or later destroy the relationship.  

7. Not a good listeners

Sometimes, your partner will just be down or dispirited in some kind of way, and they will just need you to talk to them. They will need someone to hear them out, but how do you get to listen to them when you are a bad listener? How do you comfort them when you don’t even get it? The relationship is not meant for boys and girls, don’t feel offended; I am not talking about the age. Some people are 40years old but they behave like they are 6.  

8. Egos

The ego is like a quiet killer in any relationship. It’s very steady but penetrates deep in any relationship. You don’t want to be narcissistic who has a lot of ego issues. Don’t let your ego take the best side of you. When you both have a quarrel and the first to talk to the other becomes an issue leading to a quarrel without end because of this ego thing. You won’t want to stay in love with a person who cannot say sorry even when they’ve wronged you so badly. Is it?  

9. Silent treatment

Communication is a determinant if a relationship will last or not. Learn to express how you feel with your partner. Do you have things inside of you to talk about? Spit them out to your partner, express it. Learn to be able to discuss things with your partner, it solves bigger problems easier than you could ever imagine. Communication is the bridge between partners. When there’s no communication, two partners become strangers.  

10. You think you are too good

Everything is always about the mindset. But you can overrate yourself if you want. It won’t change the fact that no one is too good. And of course, to some people you are just going to be average. Telling someone that they are too lucky to have you in a relationship with them is the worst thing to say to them.   

11. Anger problems

Anger is like a wrong medication which makes it poisonous. It can make anyone lose his or her worth and originality. Anger can make you say things that you weren’t supposed to say but it runs out of the tunnel of your mouth because of anger issues. Just like buff! It’s all gone, you’ve just ended the relationship and now what’s left for you is regret. Learn to think twice before saying anything. Words can destroy any relationship in a minute.  

12. No more efforts 

Words alone are not enough. “I love you” has been watered or diluted and now those words are tasteless, value all gone. What we do believe in now is action, it speaks louder than mere words. When you love someone, express it! Give action the best shots. Do things that will convince your partner that you are real. Do unexpected things, I’m not going to give you examples here. I need you to be real. If you don’t put in your effort, you risk your relationship being destroyed.

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