10 Ways You End Up Destroying Your Relationship Without Even Knowing It

Relationships are going to be so awesome and wonderful if done the right way but are not always easy. If it were, there won’t be a breakup or divorce. That’s why all relationships should be built on love, trust, and intimacy to actually make it work out. That’s why couples need to find a need to do away from bad habits that can destroy the relationship. Being in a relationship will require both of you so much of your efforts, dedication, and commitments. The one-sided way will never work when it’s just one person trying to work on the relationship. Sooner or later he or she would get tired and everything ends up dying down. It requires two committed persons to sustain or maintain love in a relationship. And it is so important that these two persons make it a point of never doing something that would put an end to the relationship. You might not notice it, but you are vulnerable to actually committing a lot of mistakes in the relationship that you might not even be aware of. You might not know that you are actually doing anything to harm the relationship because you think everything you do is out of love. That’s why self-awareness is so mandatory in a relationship that will last. You will want to have a good end of everything that is going on and whatever you are doing. And many more of that starts and ends with you just knowing what to look out for in a relationship. If you find out that you’re doing many of the things that are out listed here, then you are destroying your relationship without you even noticing it.

1. You bad mouth yourself.

Number one rule: Have so much confidence. Find a way to be confident in yourself. Always see the good side of yourself. Your partner will do the same.

2. You do not retort to negative feeds constructively.

You have to be able to manage any forms of negative feedback in a constructive way and calm manner. You need to be mature enough to be acknowledgeable that you will always have some kind of room for improvement. You shouldn’t feel like your better half is attacking you when you are being castigated.

3. You expect so much from your partner.

You don’t want to be pressuring your partner with your expectations from them. Manage your expectations very well so that it won’t affect your partner. You know that their failure will become a big disappointment when your expectation is too high.

4. You love the blaming game.

It is always better that you understand the need for taking responsibility in your relationship. Instead of looking for someone else to be blamed, get to know what you have failed to give out and just learn more as you move onward.

5. You don’t smell nice.

It is likely that you are going to have a fair share of dirty laundries in the relationship. That is not abnormal. You both will have issues but don’t make the mistake of telling out to your family or friends. Keep it private, please.

6. Your past is ruling your present relationship.

You should never let your past affect your present relationship. Do not leverage what had happened to you in the past. Don’t let the past become a hurdle to what you want to become in the future.

7. Your expectations are bad for your partner.

Having a not so good perspective of your partner will mess with the romantic relationship that you both have. It kills off the love, trust, and affection even intimacy will be at stake.

8. You do not give in self-care.

You need to find a way to always take care of yourself. As you cannot give anyone what you can’t give yourself. Do not make the mistake of losing your self-love and care. You need to love yourself first so that you can give out what you have.

9. You do not open yourself to new experiences.

You need to know that real growth takes place outside of what you are usually familiar with. You need to be willing to open yourself to learn from new experiences so that you can take your relationship to the next level.

10. You hide the affection and love that you feel for your partner.

You should never be hiding the affection and love that you feel for your better half. You should be proud of saying how you feel about your partner and being in a relationship with them.

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