10 Tips On How To Make Him Trust You More.

Hello everyone, Welcome back. Now let’s talk about trust. According to the dictionary: Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. So, What is Love if there is no trust? “VANITY”

A friend of mine used to say “It’s more of a compliment to say I trust rather than saying I Love You”.Naturally, having trust someone will make you love the person and believe me, you will find yourself talking to the person more about yourself, things like your most confidential secrets, just because you trust.

Trust is very important, it is said to be the backbone of any relationship. The question is “How will I make him trust me more?”Let’s get on the ride:


At the beginning of your relationship with anyone, discuss, talk more about your past and do not leave a single point untouched. You don’t have to hide anything from him if you truly want him to trust you because sooner or later he will get to find out those things you are hiding from him initially. And it would be difficult to trust someone who hides things from you. The trust might be so difficult to build but it is doable if you are true to your half and yourself.


Making friends is not a bad thing even when you are in a relationship, but doing it the right way would go a long way in your relationship especially when it comes to the trust of your better half. Let him meet your friends, in fact, all your friends. He shouldn’t find you talking to someone he has no idea of. If truly you want his absolute trust. Don’t make him know you or see you with a stranger. Possibly if a stranger walks up to you and he sees you, you probably need to discuss everything with him. Don’t even let him ask about it before you start talking. He trusts you but seeing you with a stranger would bring a natural doubt. It’s not his fault.


This can dissolve any relationship really quick if care is not taken. Don’t make him think you are having an affair, you have to pick all your phone calls in his presence. Do not ignore any of your calls when you are with him and especially when the relationship is still very young; when you both are just getting to know and understand each other. As this time he doesn’t seem to know who you really are, he is just acting based on how he feels about you. You don’t want to make him think he is a fool for trusting you. What am I saying in essence? Receive all phone calls in his presence and discuss while he is on the seat. Remember, NO! more privacy with Him.


Pretense won’t earn you the better side of your partner, do not pretend. Always feel free to open up and be yourself. Don’t fake it to impress anyone. Let him know what you can do, both inside and outside.


Be so proud to confess your love to him openly. You can easily earn his trust by telling him exactly how you feel about him anywhere anytime.


The question is “why did I combine the three “Respect, obedience and sincerity?” the three can actually work perfectly together. If I respect someone I will obey him or her and also be sincere to the person. One of the vital ways you can earn anyone’s trust is by putting into action these three points (respect, obedience and being sincere). He won’t doubt you no matter what if you give him these three points. Remember, do not fake anything to earn anyone’s trust. Trust can’t be built in a hurry, it requires patience and effort.

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