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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Man

Although men do not seem to be tangible and like to hold on to a “nothing can touch me” attitude, they are also human, and many things can reach them.

Usually it is women who have the reputation of being sensitive when it comes to words. They are the ones in whose presence one must be careful not to say anything that they might misinterpret.

But believe me, it’s the same with men. Have you ever noticed a sudden change in their faces, from a happy mood to a sad or irritated one? It’s not as sudden and unprovoked as women usually think.

You probably said something that upset your man. Stay tuned for some of the things you might have said wrong.

1. “You failed. Accept it!”

If your man or husband tries hard to achieve something and fails, you should never tell him to his face that he is sucking straight to his face.

Try to find a more appropriate and subtle way to tell him that. Try to do it in such a way that you help him by telling the truth, but at the same time not hurting his feelings.

2. “My ex would never do such a thing!”

You should never, ever say that. Under no circumstances should you compare your current boyfriend to your ex. In essence, you should never compare him to anyone unless you compliment him.

Imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend said to you that you have no idea what you are doing and that his ex was so much better than you at that “something” – you would feel like shit – and so would he.

3. “You’re an idiot. What’s wrong with you?”

Never work on your conflicts in public, especially in front of his friends and family. During the argument a lot of things you didn’t mean come out of your mouth – you say a lot of things in anger and you are sorry about that later.

Never belittle him in front of his friends. Whatever quarrel you have to solve with him, leave him to his private moments.

4. “You look cute.”

Cute and men don’t work together. They all aspire to be macho protectors – sexy men who sweep women off their feet. They don’t want to end up cute.

Imagine how you would feel if you dress up, put on a hot dress, feel sexy, and look like this, and your partner comes over, and instead of saying “WOW” he tells you that you look cute.

5. “Everything’s okay.”

They’re not idiots. You can tell by the look on your face that something’s bothering you. Don’t fool them and admit when everything’s not okay because they can see it.

But don’t expect them to read your mind. Tell them what the problem is and maybe you can solve it together.

6. “Let’s just be friends.”

If you want to be friends, you don’t have to say it. Let’s face it, women just say these things to men when they want to get rid of them.

Make it easier on yourself and him in such situations by simply saying that you are not interested in seeing him and do it quickly – like pulling off a band-aid. You will not stall him and you will get rid of the pain.

7.”Yes, it’s nice.”

Your man has left his comfort zone and has done something amazing for you. It doesn’t have to be special. It may be that he’s cooking a meal for you or pretty much everything that your man doesn’t normally do – everything that he has made a serious effort to do.

Instead of reacting with respect and admiration – even if you are not so impressed, but know that he has given everything to make you happy – you react by saying, “That’s nice.

That’s just cruel and disrespectful – DO NOT DO THAT! Just put yourself in his shoes and imagine how you would feel.

8. “Which outfit do you like better?”

To be honest, no man has ever told his wife which outfit he likes better, only which outfit he thinks she likes better. I mean, about 90 percent of men don’t even notice which outfit is better and which isn’t.

They will try to guess which one they like better, just to avoid the argument that follows when he says the wrong answer. Do not put them in these situations. They will love you no matter what you wear. Don’t do this to them.

9. “You’re a spoiled mama’s boy.”

Don’t even start. It’s a common fact that men have a strong bond with their mothers, and that’s how things work. Don’t try to change that, because it’s impossible.

Even if you are sure that his mother is wrong and she has taught him wrong things, do not argue with him about it by saying he is spoiled and a mama’s boy. Especially don’t tell him that his mother is wrong.

That’s the thing that will hurt him the most. Try to approach it differently. Try to explain it in a subtle way to open his mind and make him see things from a different perspective, but don’t involve his mother – don’t even mention her.

10. “I’m much stronger than you.”

Even if you are, don’t take the “macho protector” thing away from him. It’s not that men like dependent women, but they like to think that they’re the ones “in charge”, even if they’re not. Their strength, this patriarchal attitude and the knowledge that they have the care of their women are what make them happy and content.
You know that you are in control, and maybe he knows it too, but let him feel that they are the ones taking care of you.

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