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Being a better husband can be a great responsibility. The husband works day and night just to make his family comfortable, he even stays awake at night to think over any bordering matters. He does everything to protect the love for his wife, he does not want anything else but to be at peace with his wife. If the wife is a very good woman, the husband can conquer the whole world. Being a better husband is more tasking than it sounds but it is doable and easy as well. I have come across a series of different posts about “How to be the better husband”. But those posts are a little bit not touching the real aspects I want to hear and which brings about me writing about that aspect today. Let’s get on the ride; 


#1 – TRUST

For a better relationship with the wife, trust is definitely inevitable, love can not survive when there is no trust; it chokes up. For you to be that better husband to your wife, you need to do away with any form of doubt. You don’t act based on things you hear about your wife. You never can tell, it might be her past or whatsoever. You had a promise to each other and only death should be the reason why you shouldn’t be with your wife anymore. Love her, trust her and protect her with everything.


The moment your wife is afraid when she hears you are around or back from work is a problem. You don’t have to plant the fear of her husband in your wife, she is not a slave. It is ridiculously unfair to make her fear you all because you do not want your wife to cheat on you. Do not treat her like she is a slave, treat her like the princess she was before you got married to her. Try as much as possible to be friendly to her, in fact, let her know her value and worth. You don’t necessarily need to practice being a husband, you can equally be her best friend instead. Remember, when it gets to the extent that your wife is afraid to talk to you, there is a big problem.


Some men will say “They cannot tolerate her stupidity”. This is very bad to say out even when you are upset with her, you shouldn’t alter such statement. She will definitely show you her worst side, the vulnerable side of her, her flaws and imperfection. How do you make her know you understand? She is human just as you are. Treat her like you value her, be patient as possible as you can. Remember, you make mistake too, do not chase her away because of your impatient act.


I am not going against making friends at all but the number one friend a man should have is his family, as anything as a side this should be casual. Do not indulge in keeping too many friends because they will eventually take your time. They will reduce the time that you should spend with your wife. The question is how do I know a bad friend? It is nearly impossible to know bad friends, as the friends around you tell you exactly what you are; you won’t see your friend’s bad side because they reflect who you are. When you keep bad friends, definitely you will be treating your wife badly. As keeping bad friends might do a lot of harm to the family, at times, you stop knowing the value and worth of your wife because of bad friends.


As a good husband, you need to do away with girls. You should only stick to your wife whom you had made promises to and do not defy those promises. The only thing flirting will do your family breaks it off to the extreme and dismantled the trust your wife has in you. Ask yourself “what if those girls, later on, come back to blackmail me?” they will kill the joy flowing in the family. Trust that is shattered is nearly impossible to heal because there is always a referencing sooner or later.


A good husband can not do away with being responsible. When a husband is responsible, the wife respects him. The husband provides for the house and he does not complain. He wouldn’t dare neglect his family when they needed him most to take up responsibilities. He pays up bills in no time and provides for his family with all diligence.


He is very caring and strong as possible as he can. He doesn’t let little things weigh him down. Asa good husband you are required to care for the wife, you need to be strong as well. When I say strong, I mean you should stop showing anyone your vulnerable side including your wife. The husband acts strong, simple and fast and solves any forms of problem or challenge. 


A good husband is loving. He loves his wife and children to the extreme. He doesn’t just joke with anything when it comes to his family’s matters. With all seriousness and love, he protects his wife and children as well.


To become a better husband, you need to be romantic. Getting married should not put an end to your romantic life. Buy a gift for your wife unexpectedly, be unpredictable. She shouldn’t have any idea about your next moves, put her in the dark when it comes to getting her presents. It will not alone make you a better husband but increase the flow of love in the family. undying romantic survival all through and it does not fade away.


Loving someone should not have any form of limit or end. Especially, when you are part of the little that ended up with whom they fell in love with. Be that better husband and have a successful relationship with your wife.

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