10 Signs That You Are Or Might Be In The Wrong Hands In Your Relationship

At times it is better to be single than to be in a relationship if you fall in love with the wrong person. You definitely find no peace at all, you both fight and scream over little things and to the extent of having a kind of physical combat. “Sorry” has become a normal daily saying-routine for you both and to be sincere it is leading to no where. You some times don’t know what you thought you knew because the love you share is choked up in flame of lies, fights and all sorts. But in other case you might not see these things until you both are finally married. And I will not allow that to happen, a failed marriage is a scar that’s forever there, you can remarry if you want but can never be like the first one. The reason why I came up with this article is to allow you to take note of those indicators that you might have a failed marriage if you end up with someone who shows you those attributes even when they are said to be so much in love with you.
I hate it when lovers tell lies and cheat on each other. Cheating which is one of the most disgusting properties of a failed relationship. When your partner cheat on you, he or she continues to tell lie to cover it up until you get him or her red handed. In some scenario, you might not be able to find out. But there will be so much of pushing and patching just to make it work. He or she keeps being so insincere with you. You should not marry this person, because the ending won’t be funny.
When you are in a relationship with someone who wants to really grow old with you. He or she studies you and get to find out your weak and strong points and at the same time letting you to know all about them. He or she finds so much pleasure in hearing you out. He or she keeps your secret because you have no other confidant. But if at all you find your partner in the act of hiding one or two secrets from you can be a very bad sign that you are in a wrong hands. In some cases, he or she doesn’t care if you find out all by yourself simply because there’s no care at all. Let me say “he or she doesn’t care!” pack and back off.


You don’t get calls or messages from your partner, it’s you who do the calling most times. No amount of messages you send, you end up getting little or no replies. And the reply you get mostly is “I’m busy”. Whenever you need him or her the most, he or she is not there but when he or she is there, it’s an excuse to leave soon. If you are seeing this sign in your relationship, it might be going no where.


No amount of your efforts to please him or her, it doesn’t count. He or she stops crushing on you when they have you. You have become irrelevant and needy to them.
You have no value to them as long as he or she has you. He or she doesn’t resist any flirt from an outsider. Everything goes because he or she is ready to date more. This can also be an attribute of a player.
He or she doesn’t give you a proper introduction when you both finally go out. Families and friends don’t know you both to be in a relationship. This can be a sign that you are not that worth it to him or her.
You both do not go out to have some nice times together. You both are not really that deep in love. The truth is that you shouldn’t try to force it to work if it’s not simply working out fine.
No matter what you do what you get in turn is no thanks. How do I mean? You got him a nice shirt and he doesn’t like it and…. It screwed you and he made you feel bad about it. The truth is that you have no idea about true love if you can openly tell your partner that you don’t like the kind of gift he or she gave you or may be you aren’t in love in the first place. She just cooked salty food or a meal you don’t like? Eat it with love and stop complaining. But when there’s zero appreciation, the relationship doesn’t worth it and I must say that you are in a wrong place.
And the last which seem to be very important too is Complaints over every little thing. There’s nothing that you do that seems right to him or her. It’s simply complaints up and down the whole place. And you know what? It sucks. Just move on

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