10 Pointers Your Boyfriend Might Be Looking For Someone New

Cheating can be a big blow on your heart and you feel like you are not going to survive. It can feel like a knife penetrated into the heart and that you are not going to see the next day. The pains that come with this betrayal is unbearable. You’ve worked so much to make the relationship better but everything ends up in dust to your face. It might even make some people lose their hopes and beliefs in love and relationship. And the truth is that majority of us had witnessed one or two of those feelings; we’ve at a point in time betrayed by someone in our lifetime. And the bitter truth is that as long as the relationship exists, we will continue to have unfaithfulness in relationships or infidelity. There are just some people who cannot do without cheating, you need to know the truth. It’s even becoming so common amongst most young people. That is why self-protection is so important in a relationship. Of course, your partner will want to know if you trust them but you can’t totally ignore the fact that they might hurt you. You can be guarded without distancing yourself in the relationship.   You can still be careful and still enjoy your romantic relationship. There’s just a need to stay vigilant of your partner’s behavior. What hurts so much is the shock that comes with the heartbreaking, you could never have believed that your partner could hurt you in that way.  I won’t advise you to force yourself on anyone; when your partner is no more feeling the love and has opened his or her heart to new opportunities, it’s better to leave honorably. But you can still do something at the early stage if you quickly identify the following signs that your partner is interested in looking for someone new:  

1. He suddenly developed new habits that you are unable to explain.

He has drastically changed, his behavior and manners that you have in your head doesn’t match anymore with the new ones because he doesn’t want you to understand him anymore.  

2. He suddenly doesn’t want to spend time with you. 

You are able to perceive it that your partner is no more interested in spending time with you. The person that cannot do without your company in two days straight is now okay doing a week without you. He wants to hangout with his friends and family but not you. Just like he is tired of your company; he prefers to be alone if  you are the only options that he has left.  

3. He doesn’t want to have an eye contact when you both are talking

He is suddenly not comfortable with having eye contact while talking to you. He wants to blind how he feels about you, seeing your eyes make him feel guilty. He’s going to avoid them whatsoever.  

4. Fighting radar keeps navigating.

The way that your both fight has drastically increased. You are frequently and constantly arguing over every little thing. And you feel like he’s so irritable of you lately.  

5. You feel like the passion is steadily going off in the relationship.

He reduces intimacy from little to zero. The passion that you both have is diminishing into the air. You are so sure about this.  

6. He doesn’t want to have any deep conversation with you. 

He is always ignoring to have any deep conversation with you. Even when you start them, he comes up with an excuse to avoid them. He just locks up.  

7. He doesn’t want you to know much about his life anymore

He is trying everything to leave you behind in his life. Like you are no more welcome or included in his life anymore. He is just fine making plans with out you.  

8. He acts as if he doesn’t care anymore and he has become a lot more selfish.

His helping power for you has burned down; he doesn’t see any need to help you anymore. He feels so concerned about his life and not yours anymore.  

9. You don’t leave his phone unguarded.

He won’t let you know what’s going on in his life and won’t come out straight. That’s why he is hiding his phone because a lot of things are going on in there.  

10. He is not interested in putting in effort for the sake of the relationship. 

He’s not ready to invest in the relationship anymore. He has totally lost interest in it. You are the only one left to keep working on the relationship.

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