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10 Places Where Men Love To Be Touched

We always want to establish physical intimacy in our relationship in an effort to get close to our partners. At this time, no relationship will survive when there is no intimacy, both emotionally and physically. And that’s why you can’t be afraid to get in touch with your man. You must not underestimate a man’s disposition and the need to be sensual. Yeah, he’s gonna go crazy with all those subtle touches, suggestive looks, sweet caresses, passionate kisses, and tight hugs. These are all great physical manifestations of love and you should never be shy about showing them to your man. You never want to be holding back your feelings in your own relationship. You don’t want your man to think you’re just taking it for granted. You always want him to feel like you’re willing to work hard for his love. Then make sure you never limit yourself. Always find new ways to make you feel the love you have for you. Be creative. Shake things. Always be willing to do whatever is necessary to preserve the level of passion, love, and intimacy in your relationship. You know he likes to be touched by the woman he loves. So, capitalize on that. And if you’re not sure how to be creative with it, just check out this article. You can start here so you can get some ideas about how you can really touch your man and ignite that flame of physical intimacy in your relationship.

1. Move your hair with your fingers. It is a very subtle but very intimate gesture that you will definitely enjoy more especially if you have messy hair, to begin with.

2. Nibble on his neck. Just a little bite will be enough to do the trick. Don’t kill him to the point of hurting him, unless, of course, that’s what he likes.

3. Play a little with your tongue. A little tongue action while you two are at Frenching will always be welcome. Don’t be afraid to play with it a little bit. Be creative and respond to your advances. Give him healthy doses of aggression and sweetness just to mix things up.

4. Whisper in his ear. Make it look very intimate and discreet. Make him feel like there’s a secret you want to tell him. There are certain pleasures and sensations that arise as a result of being whispered, and men absolutely love him.

5. He plays with his hands and feet. It cannot be denied that touching hands and feet can often lead to sex. There’s something inherently sexy in the two-person membership meeting.

6. Gently lick her nipples. Note that not all men are usually interested in this, and men are unlikely to like it more than girls. However, men’s nipples can still be very sensitive areas that will want some stimulation. Just try it once to see if your man likes it.

7. Grab his sacrum. If you’re making love to each other and he’s in front of you, try to grab his sacrum or, in other words, his lower back. You are adding support to the position you are in and showing you that you are attentive to other aspects of your body with your hands, especially

8. Put your hands through your inner thigh. This is a very suggestive gesture that’s going to drive a lot of men crazy. When you pass the hands, fingers, feet, lips, or tongue by the thigh, will go crazy. Basically, you’re suggesting that you want to go to the final access point, but you stop to avoid it. It’s a joke, but you’re welcome.

9. Play with the perineum. Not many women are familiar with the perineum and not men can know this too, so at first, things can be a little more difficult. It’s the area of a man’s body that can be found right between his anus and his scrotum. This area is actually a very sensitive erogenous zone and many men enjoy the pleasure of stimulation there.

10. Find the F point of man. You’re probably familiar with the idea of a G-spot. of course, you are. You’re a woman. But have you ever heard of a boy’s F-spot? F actually means braces and most men love to be stimulated in that area. Actually, it’s the bottom of your penis that’s made up of loose skin. It must be in the form of a V and most of the pleasure centers are on the tip of that V.

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