10 Major Factors: Find Out Her True Color With Ease

Finding a very decent and responsible lady can be a great task these days. Virtually, every one of them fake it to get what they want especially when it comes to the man she wants to be with, she tends to do everything possible to please him. She doesn’t care if she has to change who she truly is just to get hold of him. The truth about this whole thing is that majority of men tend to fall victim to these desperate spoilt ladies. Who are known to be serious after useless; they have misused their body, they have no manners at all, no courtesy and at the end wants to be with a perfect man. But as a man who is so innocent, you do not want to end up with that type of lady especially when she is forcing herself on you. When it comes to this scenario you have to be very careful and be very smart to identify fake from the original. At times it can be hard to find out. And I do not want you to regret any of your actions, that is why I am coming in to help you to know who is who, especially when it comes to finding out when she is faking it all to be with you whatsoever.


It is very typical for her to introduce her friends to you, even when you do not feel concerned about knowing her friends, she should tell you about them. But in case she doesn’t say anything about it, you have to be careful. She chats, she spends hours typing but she keeps telling you she doesn’t have a friend. You need to be on the lookout.


If she is never concerned about your well-being, all she wants is just for her to be fine. She asks you for money on a daily basis and doesn’t seem to care about what you are really doing to get that money. Be careful she is probably after your wealth and not your health or your love.


She just wants to jump the process; all she wants is for you to marry her. She acts so desperately whenever she mentions marriage to you – she is always in a hurry to be with you. You have to be careful when she shows this sign because at the same time she might just be in love with you and can not wait to be with you. You need to be careful as well, you don’t have to rush into marriage if you do not want to rush out of it eventually.


If she spends all the money you give to her anyhow, you have to be careful if you do not want to blame yourself in the end. The truth is, she doesn’t even have a reasonable substance she bought with the cash. She is a fast and unreasonable spender.


If she pretends whenever you both are together, she might be trying hard for you not to know her true color. She behaves as if she is decent with you, but immediately you are not around, she becomes the bad girl. You need to run so fast for your life if you notice this in her.


All she does is buy already prepared food up and down. You have never noticed her cooking before. She definitely won’t cook for you. She comes up with an excuse when you request for fresh food and at the end, she stocks your fridge with the prepared foods she has bought and microwave them sequentially for you to eat.

#7 – OUT OF IT

She will never take care of your house. All she does is nag over your dirty room or unkempt house and still leave it in that dirty way.


You will be the one that calls her here and there. There is little or no effort from her own end. She is not concerned about hearing from you. This is a very bad sign of choosing the right person to marry.


You both are not really deep in love, when it comes to the love you think you both share, it ends up with “nothing much”. Aside from the fact that she is faking it to get the biscuit, you do not really love her because your mind is not at peace at all. It’s a big sign to back off before it is late.


Nothing different from a spoilt brat. She definitely has no manners whatsoever. I think you should run, she has a very bad habit, no good sitting posture, no good or little nice behavior just like faking it. You need to step up to the real thing.

In the beginning, she might probably be able to fake it up to a certain level, but might not be able to continue till the end if you prolong any preparation for marriage. As you cannot hide who you truly are for a long time just like smoke, what she truly is will come to play at the end. As for guys, you really need to be very careful when it comes to the right girl to marry. Fake might look like original, but that doesn’t make it original.

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