10 Indicators That Your Husband Is Still In Love With You

Marriages change with time and it’s said to be normal for the passion you both have to match up leading to a companion. That slight change might tend to make some people believe that their partner does not love them that much anymore. And that might not be the case. This will make me come with the Ten straight points that your husband is deeply in love with you.

  1. Eye contact

He still manages to look straight into your eyes. When he is sitting directly towards you at the sitting room, he’s attention is all focused on you, he is definitely not focusing anywhere but on you.  He looks right into your eyes to see how beautiful they are, he is attentively listening to everything. According to a research done by a Zick Rubin (A psychologist), he propagated that couples who are madly in love tend to look at each other 75% of the time while normal people talking tend to look at one another on an average of 30-60% of the time. What I’m saying, in essence, is that, if he looks at you more frequently he is so much interested in you.  

2. Date Night

He is just sweet and very okay with whatever you want on a date. He doesn’t stop using “whatever you want, baby” on a date. This cannot be anything than he wants to always satisfy you. I wouldn’t want to satisfy someone I don’t love. For what! But at times it’s easy to take this as a sign of not being interested. But the research made us understand that when men are in love, they show less interest than women. He is just okay with everything that she wants. In essence, men show love by agreeing.  

3. Says your name during sex

He calls your pet names during sex. It is known to be a normal thing to call your partner names “pumpkin, sweet, baby, “honey, etcetera” throughout the day but in the midst of sex, it’s showing satisfactory. He is okay with you and doesn’t want to have sex with anyone but his wife which is you.  

4. Calmness

He just loves to look at you quietly. He wants to express his love to you in a different way you don’t even know.  He loves you quietly. If you both have been married for not quite a long time, this might not be the case. But when it’s pretty long and all the excitement of newly married life is all gone, he begins to love you in a quiet way. And it’s very awesome and sweet. That state you have when you are totally at peace and relaxed in love is the case. So, he still loves you.  

5. He quit everything for your interest

It’s unlike a man who is not in love to put aside his normal schedules for a woman. If your husband can ignore anything to make you happy, simply means that he is head over heel with you. He doesn’t want to offend you, he prefers to lose a contract than to make you sad. He is all ready to inconvenient himself for your happiness. “whatever you want, baby!”  

6. He admits his wrongs

Men are born with an ego, the brother of pride. Some men find it so difficult to apologize even when they are wrong. This is not good enough. Anyway, if your husband comes back home on his kneels with a flower to apologize to you, he values you and will not trade anything for you. He loves you and he is ready to change. At times, nothing is greater than a man’s humbleness in a relationship. He’s ready to end any argument because he doesn’t want to get himself on your bad side.  

7. Put Phones away

He won’t let his phone take advantage of him. He puts his phones or gadgets away to give you the time that you deserve. We are virtually all guilty of being super glued to our phones. But in your husband’s case, he doesn’t let his phone take your place. He gives you the attention and time. It’s a sign that he values you.  

8. He does some things

He goes to the kitchen to help you out even when he is tired after work. He still finds a reason to wash the dishes for you. When he finds out you hate doing something, he finds a way to do them for you.  He knows you hate doing the dishes, so he does them instead. He adjusts to make things work.

9. Divorce 

He will never come up with this deadly idea. It’s not a new thing that couples normally have their hard times. But he won’t make things go wrong beyond repair, he tries to make things calm as possible as he can. He doesn’t want to think of “D” not to talk of “Divorce”. He loves you and he doesn’t want to lose you whatsoever. He will never threaten his marriage with divorce.  

10. He is unpredictable

He comes up with a bag of gifts unexpectedly for you. If your husband is trying so hard to buy you things that will make you excited, then there’s no doubt that he is loving on you pretty well. It doesn’t matter the price of what he buys, but the value attached to it is the real thing. 

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