10 Indicators That You are Allowing Him To Play You Like A Fiddle

 There’s again doubt that there are some men that know how to do their things and make you fall so deep in love with them. Seeing you as just an opportunity and not a person. Considering you as one of the many options that they have when it comes to romantic entanglement. It doesn’t really matter how much you are so attracted to him or how much you love him, it doesn’t worth it when you are not treated the right way. I presume you shouldn’t be with him. You need to know that self-respect is more than important. You cannot be respected, if you do not even respect yourself – is that really possible? When  you respect yourself, you will be treated the way you should be treated and not some kind of cabbage especially those who you are in relationship with. You don’t want to be with some kind of guy who is just going to play around you and make you feel not so important or something worst. Love is something that needs to be built forever. Love works better in a consistently hard work environment and not some kind of jerky jerky thing who doesn’t care. Love won’t permit fibs or some kind of worthless games. Love should not be built on the foundation of deceit or deception. Love should be about trust which is first and then honesty, openness, realness, and sincerity. But if he can’t afford to be all those afore-listed things, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship With him because he is some kind of jerk who plays around. He doesn’t worth your love and sincerity.

1. He doesn’t want to define the relationship.

He is certainly not ready to settle down with you, he doesn’t want to feel locked down in any relationship even with you. He is not committed and not ready to do anything in favor of the relationship. He won’t take any thing up whatsoever.

2. His flirting radar is still navigating

He obviously flirts with some other girls online, he doesn’t want to settle down with you. He has some dating apps installed on his mobile phone. He believes everything that happens between you both is just temporary.

3. You don’t even know any of his friends.

His social circle is limited to you because he doesn’t see you in his future. He never gets to make you know any of his friends… He is not ready to merge friends with yours.

4. You are not treated appropriately  by him.

He doesn’t care or give a shit about what you do for him. He won’t appreciate or value your gifts or presents for him. He is not reciprocating at all, even when you are doing your very best to give him all your romance. You are definitely not going to be enough for him.

5. He doesn’t hide his flirting mode anymore.

Your feelings to him don’t exist anymore, he now flirts with other women to your face and even your presence. He is not and never will be serious in the relationship with you.

6. He won’t keep any of his commitments and promises.

He keeps on promising heaven and earth but you’ve not even got to see them manifest. Not even once!

7. It’s creepy but you don’t know his place.

He doesn’t want you to know his place. And the reason is so glaring, you are definitely not welcomed. He doesn’t want you to get comfortable around him at all. The not funny truth is that he has another person in mind.

8. He is distancing himself from you physically and emotionally.

He tries so much to keep a distance from you on an emotional ground and even on the physical. He keeps you smokescreen about his life. His answers are so vague whenever you try to dig in.

9. He just wants to have sex with you

The only time he is ready to hang out is when “sex” is involved. And I must say, it’s not good at all. You are just being used. When he sees a better option, he is a goner.

10. He is not consistent with you.

As for that partner that you want, he is not it because he is so unstable and not consistent with you. He is like on and off like hot and cold with you. The only time he wants to hang out is out of his convenience. He becomes a one day angel when he is like this and you think he is going to be stable but no! Buff! He is cold again.

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