10 Important Qualities That Most Women Look For In Men

It’s not really going to be easy on you when it comes to finding the right person to be with. The bitter truth is that it’s almost impossible when it comes to finding that kind of person. It might feel like the dating pool out there’s filled with so many mistakes and errors that are waiting to always happen. This is exactly how it feels like to most women when they are ready for a relationship in this funny modern age. Which in turn makes them afraid, they don’t want to be hurt and end up wasting their time with the wrong person. It also becomes more complex whenever a lady is attached to a man who is so obviously wrong for her. That’s why it tends to become a little bit difficult for most women to easily get attached to a man, they are so meticulous of the kind of guy they want to end up with. Whomever you are dealing with, you should know you will have competitors as a man, that is why you need to raise up a bit higher than the rest.  Dating is absolutely competitive. And you will always want to become a capable romantic partner. But how do you intend to achieve that? What are the things women look for in a man? Well, that’s why I wrote this article to help you get that dream lady of yours. The purpose of this article is to put you through and making you know the 10 qualities women want in any guy. It’s better to understand what females want and use it in your favor. Knowledge is power.

10. Chemistry

Women love chemistry and naturally they want to be with a man who is going to possess that trait. Compatibility is another strong measure of a relationship that will last. That’s why you both have to get your personality mixed together as possible as you can.

9. Vulnerability

Stop trying to be that superman who is that immovable rock who feels no emotions. Women don’t really like that. I believe women want to be with someone who is not afraid of showing his vulnerability. Another facet of building trust.

8. Consistency

She definitely doesn’t want a man who goes on and off, she doesn’t want someone who is not consistent, someone who goes cold and hot with her. She’s so painstaking about that man’s consistency, a man she can always rely on irrespective of conveniences.

7. Respect

This is so important. You will want to know why most women want so much respect from their men. She wants someone who will respect her opinions and someone who will respect her body as well. She practically wants a man who values her.

6. Honesty

Honesty is interwoven with trust. She wants to be with a man who is trustworthy. It’s as simple as there’s no honesty without trust. And trust is the backbone of any successful relationship. She will always check and relate whatever you tell her if she can find any trait of honesty in it. She is so meticulous when it comes to this point (honesty) as well.

5. Gratitude

She wants to know if the man she’s dealing with has some percentage of gratitude. She won’t want to be with a man who doesn’t appreciate her efforts. She’s definitely doing everything to make you notice and also wants your comments and remarks. Even when what she does isn’t good enough, there’s a way you show her and telling her what the best option is. Don’t make it blank. Know how to go about it.

4. Curiosity

It’s not new that females beat around the bush. Because they love to make you wonder and curious. She definitely won’t want to be with a man who doesn’t care or give a damn about whatsoever. Someone who wants to know more, someone who is ready to learn to treat her well.

3. Humility

It is not new that men generally portray pride. Too much pride is definitely disastrous to any man’s character. However, I want you to know that women want a humble man, someone who doesn’t feel like he knows everything. You need to learn to accept your mistakes and amend them. Don’t act too know over everything. Learn to say “I am sorry”. It’s as simple as that.

2. Patience

The combination of understanding and patience will get any man a good partner or wife. Learn to be patient, as you already know that no one is perfect. And, you should know that she will show you her vulnerable side, she’s going to screw things up but how do you react? Learn to be so understanding. She loves that trait so much and will do anything to be with a man who will be patient with her. Try to figure out how not to judge her.

1. Persistence

Women like to play the “chase game”. You should know that not giving up will make her give you a chance to be a part of her life. You need to be persistent even when she gives you a no for an answer. In the end, she will appreciate your effort of never giving up. You die trying whatsoever especially when it comes to love.

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