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10 Characteristics Of A Lady That All Men Love To Chase

1. She’s not “easy,” but available.

Women who look too hard to reach, who have this attitude that makes them look arrogant, will not go anywhere. On the other hand, those who are too accessible send a signal that they are “easy”.

The woman that all men love to chase will be the balance between these two types. She will be sociable and enjoyable, but at first, she will not be too flirty. She’ll be friendly, confident, and sociable.

2. She’s come down to earth.

She is self-confident and loves herself, but she doesn’t have a huge ego and doesn’t think she’s better than anyone else.

Moreover, she never compares herself to anyone, as she believes that everyone should strive to be better than yesterday. She knows that there’s no need to be jealous.

3. She’s not too accessible.

She won’t make man the center of her universe just because she likes him. He’ll have to earn his place in her life.

She won’t give up just because a person calls her, so she won’t give the impression that she’s been waiting so long for him to call and ask her out.

She doesn’t push back either. She appreciates her time and expects a man to appreciate it, too.

4. She looks at the man as her equal.

She doesn’t always put his needs before her. She doesn’t believe that a woman should sacrifice more in a relationship.

She looks at the man as someone who is willing to reciprocate everything she does for him.

From time to time, she will get out of her way to make him happy, and he will appreciate those rare moments so much, as if they happen all the time, he will take her for granted.

5. She is reasonable.

When she fights, she fights honestly. She knows she’s not perfect, and that sometimes something will be her fault, but she won’t have a problem with an apology.

She’s not afraid to fight and point out things she doesn’t like. She avoids unnecessary drama and believes that honest conversation and openness can overcome any difficulties.

6. She is strong under her feminine appearance.

Appearances can be deceptive. A man doesn’t know her strength at first. It will take some time to get to know her, and after hearing her life stories, he can understand what she is made of.

She doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so she never brags about how strong she is. The power she draws from her painful experiences will be visible in her actions.

7. She enjoys life.

She likes food, laughter, and long conversations. She finds joy in the little things she does and in everything that surrounds her. She has a thirst for life that makes everyone around her jealous.

She accepts herself for who she is, and that makes her easy to communicate with. She’s not afraid to live and she’s living her life the way she can.

She has her ups and downs, but she takes these good days more. She has that positive thinking and happiness attached to her that attracts people to her.

8. She talks about her mind.

There is no reading between the lines when it comes to her, she is open and forward about her thoughts and feelings.

She will never say anything offensive to anyone, but when it comes to her own life and the things that affect her, she does not hesitate to say her thoughts.

She won’t play games or give anyone a reason to hope for nothing; whether she wants him in her life or not, he will know it.

8. She avoids grumbling.

She can’t stand the tone of her voice when she starts grumbling, so she avoids it completely. She knows that not everything can be perfect and that she must accept some things about the person in which she is, that bug her because she expects that in return.

She is simple in things that extremely disturb her. She chooses her battles wisely, but she never grumbles.

10. She makes love feel real.

She can’t hide her passion for someone. Her face will glow every time she’s near him.

She won’t overdo it when it comes to him, but she’ll be more than ready to match it. If she is with a man worthy of her, she will love him sincerely with all her heart and soul.

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