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9 Signs He is Only Using You On A Temporary Ground.

How would you feel when the person you love so much and you consider to be playing an important role in your life sees you as someone who is disposable? This situation is rampant amongst most women, they are being lied to and used, most of them trust easily and it’s coming back to punch them on the face. Since love is said to be blind – you don’t want to doubt the man you are dating, so you assume he is genuinely in love with you and he got you so well that he doesn’t look like someone who is going to take advantage of you, someone who just sees you as an opportunity. But the truth is that what we think might not be the case. There are so many men out there that are emotionally frustrated because they are tired of being alone and they are forced to settle with the woman they don’t really love. They will look so genuine, sincere, and true to you until they finally find the person they truly love. They treat their victims as a placeholder which is on a temporary ground. And that is actually worthless. You will never want to be in this kind of situation whatsoever, it’s just like playing on another person’s emotions and feelings which is not right. You don’t have to be used and dumbed when you have “Relationship Minds” as a friend. And I’ve dedicated some time to enlighten you about any man’s intention in the relationship. When you notice that he is not really true with you in the relationship, then you have to take action. You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who can just throw you into the waste bag when he pleases, even if you want that, “Relationship Minds” won’t allow that for you. You want to be with the person who appreciates, loves, and values you. Someone who is not ready to trade you for anything. He has to be a man who won’t let you go for a thousand grand or a better option. He has to be a man who is content with having you. He has to treat you like a lady he truly wants to spend the rest of his life with. That’s why I’m going to advise you to find your way out if you notice these signs in your man. It’s highly possible that he just wants to dispose of you when he finds a better person in the future.  

1. He agrees to everything that you say.

He is not really into you, he doesn’t want to have this long conversation with you which makes him automatically agree to everything that you say. He is not really interested to have a deep liaise with you.  

2. He does not dig about your life.

He doesn’t tend to show interest in your life. This can be a navigator that he is not really deep into you and doesn’t want to know more about you. It’s like you both are in two different worlds, no connection.  And also, there’s no interest in the little communication that exists.

3. He does not allow you to dig deep into his life.

On a normal ground, he won’t tell you anything about his life or routines. You are the one who keeps insisting to know things about him, you get to ask him on a daily basis to get information out of him about his life.  

4. He does not talk about the future.

Maybe you are the one who started the conversation for him to freestyle a bit which is even vague because he’s not painting a clear picture of anything to you. He finds it hard to discuss the future with you. The truth is that he doesn’t see you in his future.  

5. He is not interested to meet your friends. 

He doesn’t find any sense in meeting with your friends. He also doesn’t make any effort to be nice to people that are important to you. He comes up with an excuse whenever you ask him to hang out with your friends. He makes you feel so important. He paints a picture of being busy with more important things to you.  

6. He spends time with you only when he wants sex.

He might just see you as a sex toy. He flows around you whenever he gets to know it’s about sex. He just sees you as a placeholder, he is not really into you at all. Maybe he just wants someone to keep his company till he finds the person he wants.

7. He is almost emotionally and physically unavailable to you.

He is not always available whenever you need him. He will not drive to your side whenever you need him but he comes around when he needs something from you. He makes it so hard for you to meet him when you are in need of him.  

8. He keeps navigating with his flirting radar. 

He doesn’t look like he is contented for once. He flirts to the extent that it hits you on the face. He doesn’t hide it at all. He weighs your self-esteem down to the ground. He’s always up looking for a better option, he cannot even respect you when you are together. He looks at ladies’ backside when they walk pass-by you both. He is just being a jerk. Always looking like a fisherman who wants to fish by force.  

9. Your instincts are indicating the red light. 

Something will not cease to tell you that he is not the one for you. But you won’t listen because of the love you have for him.

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